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CCSSC is conducted jointly with BPCACPE – University of Mumbai as an extension of the Certificate Course for Personal Fitness Trainers (CCPFT) which is approved and certificated through the University of Mumbai.

The CCSSC has been designed by Prof Ian Jeffreys (All Pro Performance – UK).

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for professional knowledge in the highly specialized Strength & Sports Conditioning.

With the rapid increase of professional and amateur Sports at levels across India, there has been heightened interest in this specialist field of S&C. The S&C specialist is able to help the sports coaches and provide conditioning to athletes not only at the international and professional sports levels but also at the level of schools and colleges.

S&C specialists require not only to possess masterly command over the different aspects of Strength Training but also in areas like stability, mobility, flexibility, kinesiology & biomechanics, sports nutrition etc. They are skilled to ensure safe, scientific and injury-free development of physical performance across all age groups.

Prof Jeffreys explaining Gamespeed to The Sports Authority of Goa coaches and fitness professionals from Hyderabad, Pune, Thrissur asl also senior trainers from Norbert’s, Goa.

We, BPCACPE and Gāyo, both have the requisite faculty to jointly deliver the course curriculum. We have the privilege of having Prof. Ian Jeffreys as visiting professor. He is internationally respected as a world authority in Strength & Conditioning with specific relation to mobility and agility. He has been consultant to professional and national sports bodies in China, Germany, Norway, Poland, South Korea, UK and USA.  Prof Ian Jeffreys will be delighted to be a Vising Professor in BPCACPE as well.

Student Eligibility

  • Must have passed 10 + 2 years of School Education
  • Must hold National / International Certification in –
    • Fitness Education certification equivalent to Gāyo / ISSA / NASC / NASM, etc and have minimum three years of training experience
    • Sports Coaching certificate in IOC recognized Sports or Indian Sports from SAI and / or national / world federations of relevant sport
  • Must be physically fit
  • Must have passion for fitness / sport
  • Physically Challenged persons can apply if they have exposure to fitness / sport
  • BEFORE EXAMINATION, must attend and be certified in First Aid & CPR with AED

Knowledge Delivery

NOTE: Currently CCSSC is BEING OFFERED AS BLENDED COURSE – that is, it comprises:

  1. Online:
    1. “Live” WEBINARS (face-to-face) supported with PPTs with training videos
    2. Live WEBINARS based on Prof Ian Jeffreys’ power-point presentations specifically designed and recorded for CCSSC students
  2. GUIDED home study / practice on basis of 1,400 exercise videos
  3. Home ASSIGNMENTS including three case studies leading to viva voce and assessment
  4. IN-PERSON (ofline) education & training

Prof Ian Jeffreys teaching Gamespeed in KAHER (KLE Medical University), Belgavi


GFA-BPCACPE certificate

+ 10 Workshop Certificates: ₹ 55,000*




Domestic Indian market. Student registered in Govt of India’s National Skills Register.

*Add other fees and 18% GST as applicable. Call us for fee details and payment facility.

Learning Resources

  • “Effective Coaching in Strength and Conditioning: Pathways to Superior Performance” by Prof Ian Jeffreys – original book
  • 10 eBOOKS
  • About 1,400 exercise videos
  • Teaching: Bi-lingual according to State / Venue. Prof Jeffreys will teach in English.


Home Study Assignments:

  • Practical Training ion various formats: practice execution and its delivery to client – at least 5 to be video recorded (maximum marks 300)
  • 3 Case Studies Preparation – in not more than 1,500 words each (maximum marks 100 each)

Online – proctored assessment – 3 Theory MCQs papers (maximum marks 100 each) 

In Classroom Assessment (maximum marks 100)

Student will be assessed for in-classroom interaction, punctuality, social skills, etc, on basis of OSCE principles

Assessment Grades:

Assessment will be done on basis of University of Mumbai academic standards – as percentage of total marks obtained out of maximum 1,000 marks.

  • 0 – 39.99% – Grade F (FAIL)
  • 40 – 44.99 – Grade E
  • 45 – 49.99 – Grade D
  • 50 – 54.99 – Grade C
  • 55 – 59.99 – Grade B
  • 60 – 69.99 – Grade A
  • 70 – 100 – Grade O (Outstanding)

NSQF Level 4 (Skills India – NSDC – SPEFL)

  • Minimum 70% out of maximum 60 marks (61 questions to be attempted in 90 minutes in examination which is administered through student’s smart phone.


Upon successful completion of the CCSSC, student will be certified for the following –

  • University of Mumbai approved certificate by Gāyo Fitness Academy and BPCACPE: Certificate in Strength & Sports Conditioning Level 1
  • Practical Training Workshops –
    • “AST 1” Advanced Strength Training – Level 1
    • “FST” Functional Strength Training
    • “FRoM” Functional Range of Motion
    • “PLY” Plyometrics for Agility & Power
    • “Kridasan” Sports Yoga
    • “Ira” Water Fitness & Conditioning
    • “ManTra” Exercise & Fitness Psychology
    • “HarTrain” Body Suspension Training
    • “AET” Aerobic Endurance Techniques

“FACPR c AED” First Aid & CPR with AED

Optional Exit

Student can opt to exit at the end of the PREPARATORY phase of the CCSSC and the certificate will be awarded for the phase completed. Certification Renewal

CCSSC does not need to be renewed.

We recommend certificate holder attending at least 20 hours of CONTINUING EDUCATION / CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (additional training) in every three years.

Total number of Learning hours

TOTAL: approximately 325 to 350 hours. Total – about 10 months


  • Duration: 5 Months (maximum)
  • Working Hours: 5 hours in a day
  • Theory: 150 Hours
  • Practical: 100 Hours
  • Total Hours: 250 including classroom (100 hours), home & online study and practice (150 hours)


  • Duration: 5 Months (maximum)
  • Working Hours: 6 hours in a day
  • Theory: 100 Hours
  • Practical: 200 Hours
  • Total Hours: 300 including classroom (100 hours), home & online study and practice (200 hours)

Course Announcements / Notice Board

The first composite CCSSC (MAIN Phase) starts November. Preparatory phase is already on. If you are already a certified personal trainer and / or a sports coach, you can still join the CCSSC. Call for details!

Who is Prof Ian Jeffreys? Find out!


CCSSC – Video Ian Jeffreys
CCSSC – Video Sandbag on Shoulder Lunges

Course Syllabus

CCSSC – Course Syllabus
The Certificate Course in Strength & Sports Conditioning – CCSSC – is the only program in India, through a top class University, to for fitness professionals, athletes and sports coaches wanting to enter this specialist field . S&C specialists require not only to possess masterly command over the different aspects of Strength Training but also in areas like stability, mobility, flexibility, kinesiology & biomechanics, sports nutrition etc. They are skilled to ensure safe, scientific and injury-free development of physical performance across all age groups. Most available S&C programs available in India are not designed for the Indian culture and physique. Our CCSSC aims to offer skill sets that can be easily applied in the India / South Asia. Today, schools, colleges, universities, districts, states as also at the national and international levels, S&C coaches have great potential. Professionalism in sport demands the highest coaching inputs and S&C is an important part of any well integrated coaching team.
TOTAL: approximately 325 to 350 hours spread over 10 months. The course will be conducted as a BLENDED course – that is: - Online WEBINARS supported by video content - Guided Home Study & Practice - Home Assignments - In-Person Education & Training as and when COVID-19 situation permits
Visit CCSSC Course link and check CCSSC OVERVIEW for: - Certification & Accreditations Structure - Fee Structure - Terms and Conditions
This course is UNIQUE. There is no such University approved course available in India. This course is specially designed by Prof Ian Jeffreys who has presented training programs on GAYO’s behalf in India, in 2018 and 2019. Prof. Ian Jeffreys’ teaching will be supported by GĀYO’s senior faculty like Angshuman Dutta, Amruta Deshmukh, Ratnadeep Tagde, Vinita Menon, VM Basheer and galaxy of top coaches. It is a specialist Education & Training program which is an extension of our Mumbai University’s Certificate Course for Personal Fitness Trainers (CCPFT) as also the Certificate Course in Strength & Sports Conditioning (CCSSC) that we conduct jointly with the Bombay Physical Association’s College of Physical Education. By virtue of the international and national faculty which will teach and its unique, specialized scope, CCSSC will gain national and international acceptance, in the near future.
CCSSC is conducted in Guwahati, Mumbai and Thrissur. We will cover other cities in the time to come. Visit events for latest update of events.
For detailed syllabus click CCSSC course syllabus. It is the most comprehensive syllabus for fitness managers. CCSSC is the only fitness center manager’s course in India which provides fee post-enrolment guidance to students in academic and professional matters. Students who are trained and certified at the end of the course are ready to launch their world class careers with confidence and security.
Visit CCSSC course link for: - Certification & Assessment Structure - Fee Structure - Terms and Conditions Optional, additional certificates, if applicable, are – - Skills India RPL / National Skills Qualification – NSQF Level 4 (highly recommended)
The CCSSC certificate is NOT renewable.
Though the CCSSC certificate is not renewable – there is no expiry date – the certificate holder, it is RECOMMENDED, must attend at least 30 hours of additional training every three years after issue date of certificate. The training programs attended in order to continue education or progress your career may be in bodybuilding, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, management, accounting, safety or any other subject which will help you update professional knowledge. The objective of Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is encourage certificate holders to regularly add their professional knowledge and training skill sets. This will sharpen their competitive edge in the marketplace. Learn something new related to Fitness and deliver it to your clients!
Once you enroll to the course, you are member of our FAMILY of GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY. We will guide you – free of cost – in: - Academic studies - Client training - Business development - Legal issues
BPCACPE is the only college in Mumbai to have its own stadium and training facilities! It is one of the top Physical Education Colleges in India. It is permanently affiliated to the University and is accredited with Grade A by NAAC. http://www.bpcacpemumbai.org/ BPCACPE and our Academy together offer the CCSSC and the Certificate Course in Fitness Center Management. Both these are vocation courses approved and certified by University of Mumbai.
The University of Mumbai offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral courses, as well as diplomas and vocation certificates in many disciplines. The University of Mumbai is one of the largest universities in the world. It currently has over 700 affiliated colleges. Accredited by NAAC in A***** Grade, it is one of the three oldest universities in the country.

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Certificate Course in Strength & Sports Conditioning – CCSSC
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