Corporate Wellness Consulting & Management Services

Corporate Wellness is now more critical than ever before. COVID-19 has made us more aware of comorbidities that can afflict us. Economic downturn, lockdown, travel restrictions and staffing restrictions will require higher levels of human productivity.

Gāyo ventured into Corporate Fitness in 1997. The experience and expertise accrued since then enables us to deliver to clients the benefits of Wellness programs. In sum –

Employees across all echelons can maintain a healthy work life balance

Employees especially in manufacturing (e.g. assembly lines) can prevent hypotonicity – unequal, asymmetrical strength and balance of the body leading to injury

Concentration and Productivity levels are increased

Existing medical conditions can be managed more swiftly

A whole lot of medical conditions can be prevented – medical expenses and even insurance claims can be reduced

Levels of stress – physical, mental and even emotional – can be reduced drastically. In the Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna advises Arjun to master the quality of being “sthithpragya” (स्थितप्रज्ञ) – to be calm and composed under all circumstances.

Absenteeism levels are reduced

Anger management is swift

Hiring costs can be reduced

A lean, self-confident employee with a healthy lifestyle better reflects the image of the corporation

Gāyo clients include

Commercial Fitness Clubs

Corporate Fitness Centres

Private Health Clubs


Gāyo provides the following services

Consulting in areas of manpower and equipment, operations and marketing

Staffing of fitness and related personnel

Training of personnel in areas of personal training, strength & conditioning, First Aid & CPR, fitness management and different exercise formats

Hire – purchase of equipment

Wellness - fitness in body and mind

Fitness, through training which includes exercise, diet management and performance nutrition, is the development of an energy potential at a level higher than what is required in normal, day-to-day life.

Fitness not just minimizes the risk of hypokinetic diseases but also actually prepares us to meet and overcome stress and emergencies. Fitness helps us ward off or better manage a whole array of diseases.

Fitness is more than mere muscle building!

In fact, there are 16 types of Fitness and there are eight general categories of training technologies that help us achieve any permutation and combination of the Fitness goals. Fitness goals delivered in a commercial gym will be the same as those that ought to be delivered in a corporate set up. It’s just that the priorities will change! In the latter case, management of stress, medical conditions including obesity will have more currency.

Gāyo Fitness Academy has trained and certified over 19,000 fitness professionals on par with international standards. Visit demographics

We have the confidence based on education, experience and expertise across India to offer you multilocational Corporate Wellness solutions.

Do contact us. We will be delighted to support your quest for a leaner, fitter, agile enterprise.