About Us


Gāyo Fitness Academy has established a national and international reputation for VOCATIONAL EDUCATION through both classroom and self-study methods to help launch profitable, emotionally satisfying careers in Fitness.

Gāyo has clear, delineated Mission Objectives the pursuit of which is monitored through a robust Internal Quality Assurance system.


Gāyo Fitness Academy believes that the health and fitness of our communities and nation can be meaningfully enhanced by our students’ success as –

  • Fitness (health & lifestyle),
  • Sports, and
  • Nutrition Professionals.

GĀYO endeavours to inspire our students to positively influence the quality of life of each individual with whom they interact and guide.

GĀYO is unconditionally committed to providing the highest quality education and training programs available in order to –

  • offer world class career opportunities in Fitness, Sports and Nutrition in the context of not only today’s but tomorrow’s world
  • enable our students to be in a commanding position as when Fitness is formally recognized as an industry by the Government of India
  • contribute to the health of all communities and countries where our students work


GĀYO endeavours to be seen and respected as a national leader and one of the world’s top 10 in Fitness Education and Training through –

  • delivery of quality fitness education and personal training certification to those desirous of pursuing these vocations
  • development of knowledge and skills sets courses and their delivery through development of world class Faculty as well as teaching and learning resources
  • creation of opportunities for development of skills necessary to construct and pursue vocational careers in Fitness, Sports and Nutrition
  • provision of free post-enrolment guidance, mentoring and support student and alumni services and support
  • provision of consulting and management services to commercial, corporate and other fitness centres

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