Terms and Conditions


A: APPLICATION of Terms and Conditions

  1. The following General Terms & Conditions are applicable to all the Courses, Education & Training (E&T) programs conducted by Gayo Fitness Academy and Research Center Private Limited (GFARC):
  2. Vocation Courses (VC) including CCPFT, CCFCM, CCIPT, CCSSC, CCBBC, CCIYT and such other courses as may be notified from time to time,
  3. the Short Courses (SC) like Aerobic Endurance Techniques, Advanced Strength Training Level 1, Advanced Strength Training Level 2, Fitness Assessment & Testing, Fitness Nutrition & Supplementation, Functional Range of Motion, HarTrain body suspension training, Ira Water Fitness & Conditioning, Kridasan Sports Yoga, ManTra Fitness Psychology, Plyometrics for Agility & Power and such other courses as may be notified from time to time, and
  4. First Aid & CPR (FACPR) and Sports Injury Management and such other courses as shall be notified from time to time
  5. Above Courses are referred to herein as “the Course”.
  6. The following General Terms & Conditions of Studentship must be read with the Terms & Conditions specific to the particular VC, CS or FACPR, etc, as published in the COURSE OVERVIEW and updated from time to time.
  7. Studentship in the Course includes but is not restricted to –
    1. Student eligibility
    2. Enrolment
    3. Payment of fee
    4. Attendance in class
    5. Examination and assessment
    6. Marking, grading and certification
    7. Course of appeal



  1. MINIMUM ELIGIBILITY for all Courses shall be minimum 10 + 2 years of School Education.
  2. Further eligibility will vary according to the Couse being enrolled to.
  3. The student must be physically and medically fit in body & mind.
  4. The student who has medical condition and / or is physically challenged will be considered to be physically fit and medically fit provided he / she SUBMITS A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE TO THAT EFFECT at time of enrolment.



  1. The fee for each Course is displayed from time to time on GFARC website and also published in the Course Overview.
  2. The fee may vary from time to time. Student must confirm the fee at time of enrolment. The fee prevailing at time of enrolment will be valid only for a period of 15 calendar days from the date of its confirmation.
  3. The course fee must be paid in full at the time of enrolment before the Course commences.
  4. The right to allow payment of fees in equated monthly instalments (EMIs), the number of instalments and schedule thereof will be decided by GFARC as per their internal accounting and academic procedures and their decision will be final.
  5. The failure to complete the EMIs within stipulated time will lead to termination of enrolment and grant of certificate/s according to examinations passed and amount of fee paid. There will be no refund in case of default in the payment of the fee / EMIs.
  6. There will be no instalment facility in the case of courses whose duration is less than 30 days and / or the total fee is less than Rupees Five Thousand (₹5,000).
  7. If student opts to enrol to and complete the Vocation Course in modules, across two or more batches, the fees for each module will differ and the fee payable will that as is applicable at time of enrolment to the specific module. No two or more modules completed across two or more batches can be clubbed to claim the lower fee of the course if completed within the duration of one batch.
  8. Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be applicable and added to the fee payable.
  9. Student will be issued acknowledgement of receipt/s of the fees only after the full fee is paid or after the total number of fee instalments are paid in full. No receipt will be issued for individual EMIs.
  10. Additional fee or penalty, as displayed in the Course Overview, will be payable in the event of below mentioned contingencies –
    1. Re-examination / re-assessment and / or subsequent attempts of examination
    2. Appeal against marking and grading
    3. Issue of duplicate certificate
    4. Charges for shipping of certificates and / or learning resources outside India
    5. Change of –
      1. name on certificate
      2. Postal address
  • Email address
  1. Telephone number
  1. Delay in submission of documents
  2. Damage caused to training venue and equipment, etc., by student directly or indirectly
  3. Issues of discipline
  1. Payment of the full fee will not guarantee enrolment unless all required documents are submitted in full and in time.
  2. Payment of the full fee and enrolment will not guarantee award of certificate/s.



  1. Student will receive Education and Training as outlined in the Course Content of the course as displayed in the Course Overview specific to the Course enrolled to.
  2. E&T will be imparted as scheduled in the Course Timetable which is liable to be updated or revised for reasons and in circumstances beyond our control.
  3. The mode of delivery of knowledge may be –
    1. physical or in-person (“offline”),
    2. online, or
    3. combination of both (“blended”).

The decision to convert the mode of knowledge delivery will be that of the GFA Academic Council and their decision will be final. The decision will be based on considerations such as COVID-19 regulations, number of students in the course batch, availability of faculty, suitability of the mode for a batch’s students, acts of God such as floods or widespread law & order situation, etc.

  1. The student enrolled to the course, upon timely payment of the fees and completion of enrolment process, will receive Learning Resources in the form of textbooks, eBOOKS, eNOTES, digital access to exercise videos, etc., according to the requirements of the specific Course.
  2. GFARC reserves the right to withhold issue or access to Learning Resources for reasons of late or non-payment of fees, indiscipline, etc.
  3. Notwithstanding the Learning Resources provided to the student, he / she is encouraged to actively research for additional information through reliable, authenticated sources.



  1. The student will undergo examination and assessment as described in the Course Overview including but not restricted to –
    1. Theory examination that may be on basis of multiple choice questions (MCQs) and / or essay type / descriptive questions
    2. Home Assignments including submission of video recordings
    3. Presentation of case studies and viva voce
    4. Practical training and teaching examination which will be video recorded
    5. All examinations to the extent possible will be proctored
    6. All marking and grading will be conducted by independent assessors – that is they are not tutors in the specific course
    7. All marking and grading will be moderated by internal quality assurer.
    8. The marking and grading will be as per the academic guidelines of University of Mumbai and BPCA’s College of Physical Education, Mumbai.
  2. Plagiarism or cheating in any form including verbatim copying from internet or other sources is an offence. The student discovered to have done such malpractice will be asked to show cause why he / she should not be dismissed from the Course without any refund of fee. In the absence of any credible cause, the such student will be dismissed from the Course and will not be allowed to enrol to any of GFARC’s Courses.



  1. The student can appeal against the marks and / or grade awarded within the time limit mandated for the specific Course.
  2. The appeal will be made in the prescribed format and submitted to GFARC by speed post / courier as also via email.
  3. The appeal will be mandatorily accompanied by –
    1. Original certificate issued
    2. Proof of payment of the Appeals Fee.
  4. The decision of the Appeals Committee and Academic Council of GFARC will be final and there will be no further appeal against their decision.



  1. The Course Certificate/s will be issued as per academic and assessment criteria listed in the Course Overview including but not restricted to –
    1. attendance of the full course with minimum of 50% attendance in the Course
    2. passing the Course Examination with at least 50% of the total possible marks.
  2. Mere attendance in the Course and / or completion of enrolment process including payment of fees will not guarantee passing of the examination and / or award of certificate.
  3. The certificate awarded to student may be renewable or non-renewable depending on the Course enrolled to.
  4. Notwithstanding the non-renewal of the Course certificate, the student will undergo continuing education units as recommended for each specific Course.
  5. In case of loss or damage to the Course certificate, the student may apply for the issue of a DUPLICATE certificate by –
    1. Paying the duplicate certificate fee
    2. Submitting an affidavit on ₹50/- stamp paper



  1. Any GFARC student who submits fake or forged or illegal documents including education certificates will be reported to the local police and strict criminal legal action will be initiated.
  2. Any person including GFARC student caught in possession or production or distribution of an illegal certificate claimed to be from GFARC or its education partners or its accreditation agencies will be reported to the local police and criminal legal action will be initiated.
  3. GFARC retains the right to recover from the student the cost of damages and penalty for causing, directly of indirectly, damage to person and property of other students, GFARC faculty or training facilities and / venues, apart from initiating legal criminal and civil action as deemed fit.