I accept unconditionally the terms and conditions under which my voluntary enrolment to the program, which I have selected, will be registered:

  1. I understand that the price / enrolment fee and/or total fee is/are liable to change without prior notice due to FOREX fluctuations, taxes, costs, etc.
  2. I understand that CCPFT fee varies from state to state due to additional programs / workshops and / or translation services provided.
  3. EREPS Level 4 is endorsement is optional. EREPS fee of Rs. 5,000 is additional. [KERALA and other STUDENTS WILL ADD Rs. 5000 EXTRA for TRANSLATION, and EXTRA WORKSHOPS]
  4. I understand that all ISSA fees are pre-discounted and further discounts may not be available to me on ISSA courses / study materials.
  5. I understand payments by NEFT / SWIFT / Cheque must be in favour of GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY, payable in Mumbai.
  6. I understand that I can pay only published fees through gayofitnessacademy.com – through secured payment gateway. Delay in credit of payment or decline of my payment for any reasons whatsoever will not be liability or responsibility of GFA.
  7. Taxes payable by me include GST and costs as currently applicable.
  8. If applicable, I will pay the late fees in addition to regular fees in case of delay in submission of examinations, renewal of certification, revalidation of course, etc as per the Rules of BPCA’s College of Physical Education / ISSA (USA) / GFA and its other education partners.
  9. Delay or default in payment of fee will lead to cancellation of enrolment and refund of fee on pro rata basis of course days attended.
  10. I accept and agree to abide by the rules relating to education & training, examination / assessment leading to certification for the courses I enrol to.
  11. I will pay extra Rs. 4/- per word as English language translation fee if I submit ISSA exams written in any official Indian language.
  12. I am eligible for below-mentioned discounts on the purchase price / enrolment fee of courses other than ISSA only if (i) I pay the entire fee in one lump sum, (ii) I provide, before enrolment, documentary evidence to the satisfaction of GFA.
    1. 5% discount to ISSA / GFA students and certificate-holders enrolled through GFA.
    2. 5% discount to international / national level sportspersons (in IOC recognized sports disciplines) in any age grouping in last two years.
    3. 10% discount to Defence and Civil Services personnel
    4. 10% discounts to physically challenged persons.
    5. 5% corporate discount available provided six or more persons working for same employer enrol simultaneously and certificate from employer to this effect is furnished.
    6. Special discounts will be applicable to BPCACPE students / alumni as per discretion of Principal, BPCACPE.
    7. Two or more discount categories cannot be clubbed together – only one is available.
  13. In the case of card payment through gayofitnessacademy.com delivery of study materials and / or enrolment to course/s will not be effected unless and until I have submitted the Enrolment Form, Profile Form and other required documents to your Mumbai Office.
  14. If the student evaluation / examination at the end of a course so requires, I will submit myself to its video recording. I understand, agree to and permit the said video recording which may be shared for only confidential academic purposes and not for commercial or public use or display.
  15. Further, if my cheque/s is/are dishonoured, for any reason whatsoever, my ISSA / other course examination answer papers and / or Certificate will be withheld / detained by GFA unless and until I make good the full TOTAL FEE due and payable by me along with an administrative fee of Rs. 2,500 per each cheque transaction.
  1. Refund, if any, to me of fee, for any reason whatsoever, will be effected according to enrolment and refund rules of GFA and / or ISSA / other program and will attract deduction of administrative fee of Rs. 2,500.
  1. Transfer of enrolment is possible within a reasonable period of time of my enrolment, as per rules of Mumbai University / BPACACPE / ISSA / GFA on payment to GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY of an administrative fee equal to 15% of the enrolment fee. GĀYO will transfer the enrolment only after I submit a letter confirming that I have no objection to the said transfer to the “transferee-student” and “transferee-student” pays in full the balance pending fee if any.
  2. I accept and agree that ISSA / GFA will issue the certificate only upon my successful completion of the training and / or examination conducted at the end of the course, according to their academic standards, provided the relevant fee is paid in full.
  3. I authorize GFA to receive / archive / courier / email my ISSA / CCPFT / GAYO / EREPS certificate/s on my behalf and this will not be considered as breach of confidentiality.
  4. I will renew the ISSA / CCPFT / EREPS / other program and FAI or GFA / First Aid & CPR certificate at end of validity period by attending workshops / seminars to earn sufficient CEUs / hours during the validity period and by paying the requisite renewal fee as at the time of renewal.
  1. I undertake to comply with the rules and regulations of BPCACPE / other training centre / facility / premises where I will attend training program / course failing which I alone will be responsible for loss of or damage to person / property in the said centre / facility / premises and neither GFA nor its officers or teaching faculty will be held liable for the same. I understand and accept that during the course of the training I have chosen to voluntarily enrol to, I may suffer from exercise-related or non-exercise related sports or other injury / accident. I have enrolled to the training program / course having convinced myself that GFA and its training faculty and training facility providers will have exercised due diligence in ensuring a safe training program. I will not hold them responsible in any manner for the injury to me or damage to my property.
  1. For ISSA students only
    1. Study materials will be delivered in 15 working days after receipt by us of your full fee, enrolment and profile forms and other documents as required.
    2. ISSA password and username will be emailed only after student documentation is completed to the satisfaction of GFA.
    3. I will pay Rs. 2,500/- by DD / cash (for each ISSA course I am enrolled to) as courier charges for shipping my ISSA Home Study Final Exam Answer sheets from GFA in Mumbai to ISSA in USA. I will not pay this extra Rs.2,500/- if I submit ISSA exams directly online..
    4. I will pay Rs. 2,500/- as courier charges for re-submission of ISSA examination/s if I have to re-write the ISSA exams for whatever reasons.
    5. I will pay the late fee / revalidation fee and submit revalidation exam as per rules for submission of exams after time limit or late certificate renewal.
  2. FOR ALL COURSES: Strike off which is not relevant from below – (a ) or (b ). In case of (b ) attach doctor’s certificate ..
    1. I solemnly affirm that I suffer from no medical condition or illness in body and mind.
    2. I suffer from (state condition)____________________ .  I submit herewith my medical doctor’s certificate confirming that I am fit to enrol to and participate in your training program/s.
  3. FOR ALL COURSES: WARRANTY DISCLAIMER: Please refer to terms & conditions, specific warranties and disclaimers for and on each training program / course and related learning resources. The enrolment to and / or purchase of training programs / courses (DVD, manual and attending the live training program) and possessing, using and / or allowing the use thereof indicates and confirms the purchaser / user’s acceptance of and agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
  4. In case of any issue not covered above, Gayo’s decision will final in the matter.