V. M. Basheer

V. M. Basheer


  • Head of National Faculty – Bodybuilding
  • Tutor and Assessor
  • Member – GĀYO Internal Quality Assurance Committee



  • VM Basheer is trained and certified in Focus Awards (UK) Education & Training and Assessing.
  • Basheer’s professional credentials include –
    • Diploma in Sports Medicine
    • Master Trainer in Advanced Strength Training
    • Master Trainer in Functional Strength Training
    • Master Trainer in Body Building Coaching



  • With over 25 years of experience in Body Building and Fitness, his achievements include titles of Mr. India 4 times, Mr. South Asia 1999, Mr. Universe semi-finalist.
  • He is one of India’s most respected bodybuilding coaches, having been Coach of the formidable Indian Railway Team for 10 years.
  • Won the Lifetime Achievement Award from Indian Bodybuilding Federation in 2019.
  • Has been teaching and coaching over 15 years.