Vinita Menon

Vinita Menon


  • Head of Faculty – Nutrition Sciences
  • TUTOR and Assessor
  • Member – GĀYO Internal Quality Assurance Committee



  • Prof Mrs. Vinita Menon is the senior most sports nutritionist in India. After earning an MSc in Microbiology from the University of Mumbai in 1984, she specialized in performance nutrition and developed a successful teaching and consulting career on the basis of her post-grad diploma in Sports Sciences and Sports Nutrition from SNDT University in 1994.
  • She is trained and certified in Focus Awards (UK) Education & Training, Assessing and Internal Quality Assurance .



  • Menon has not only vast academic and teaching experience but rich consulting experience as well. Between 1999 and 2008, she guided Applied Nutrition Sciences, the first Indian company to introduce sports supplements in India.
  • She has presented seminars and talks to audiences that include Sports Authority of India and India’s Defence Services, target groups including international athletes, bodybuilders, etc.
  • Has been teaching in SNDT University and BPCACPE, Mumbai University over last 20 years.