Ratnadeep Tagde

Ratnadeep Tagde


  • National Academics Manager and Head of Faculty – Exercise Sciences, Assessor and Master Trainer
  • Tutor and Assessor
  • Secretary – GĀYO Internal Quality Assurance Committee



  • Ratnadeep Tagde is trained and certified in Focus Awards (UK) Education & Training, Assessing and Internal Quality Assurance.
  • He holds a graduate degree in mechanical engineering from Mumbai University, is recipient of several national and international teaching credentials including –
    • Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA USA)
    • Master Trainer – Strength Training & Exercise Sciences (Gāyo Fitness Academy)
    • Master Trainer – Functional Strength Training
    • Master Trainer in Plyometrics



  • As National Academics Manager and Head of Exercise Sciences at GĀYO, he is responsible for course content design, IQA and liaison with BPCACPE (University of Mumbai) for External Quality Control. He is based in Mumbai.
  • Has over 13 years of Training & Teaching