Certificate Course for Pilates on Mat Teachers

Certificate Course for Pilates on Mat Teachers

₹30,000/- + GST

1) The enrolling Pilates Student must hold prior certification / qualification as below –

  1. internationally accredited agencies like International Sports Sciences Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise or
  2. EREPS / REPS Level 3 / 4 equivalent or other equivalent education agency or
  3. a recognized fitness education institute in India or
  4. graduate Degree in Physical Education or
  5. graduate degree in Physiotherapy
  6. The student for the admission to CCIPT module/s must have at least completed his/her Higher Secondary Education (HSC – i. e., 10+2).

Currently, PilMat is offered as a blended course. It comprises:

a) Online WEBINARS (face-to-face) supported with PPTs with training videos.

b) GUIDED home study / practice on basis of module-wise exercise videos.
d) IN-PERSON (face-to-face) practical training
e) Post-Enrolment and Post-Certification Mentoring


  1. Introduction to Human Anatomy and Energy System
  2. Skeletal System and Muscular System
  3. Respiratory System
  4. Cardiovascular System


  1. Muscular System
  2. Respiratory System
  3. Cardiovascular System
  4. Energy System


  1. Muscular System
  2. Respiratory System
  3. Cardiovascular System
  4. Energy System



  1. Meaning, scope and importance of kinesiology in Health Fitness
  2. Aim, objectives and need of kinesiology
  3. Role of Kinesiological in Exercise and Sports
  4. Kinesiological and movement analysis


  1. Balance and Stability
  2. Applied Weights and Resistances
  3. Motion (Newton’s laws) and Levers: Classification
  4. Application of Biomechanical Principles to Pilates


  1. Senior Citizens
  2. Youth aged 6 to 15
  3. Patients suffering from –
  4. Coronary Heart Diseases
  5. Arthritis and Joint Conditions
  6. Obesity
  7. Spinal and Back Conditions


  1. Field Hockey & Football
  2. Basketball & Volleyball
  3. Cricket
  4. Racquet Sports – Tennis, Badminton, etc.,


  1. Health Screening
  2. Informed Consent
  3. Risk Stratification
  4. Documentation and Legal Issue


  1. History of Joseph Pilates
  2. Principles Of Pilates
  3. Theory of Pilates
  4. Definitions and Mechanics of Pilates

Practical Training and Teaching Practice

Level 1
SECTION I: Introduction to Pilates

  1. History of Pilates
  2. Kinesiology principles
  3. Benefits of Pilates

SECTION II: Body Orientations in a Pilates Class

  1. Standing
  2. Lunge
  3. Kneeling
  4. Quadruped
  5. Plank
  6. Seated
  7. Side Lying
  8. Prone
  9. Supine

[The below lists are indicative only.]


  1. Hip Release
  2. Alternating Leg Raise
  3. Hip Rolls
  4. Supine Spinal Rotation
  5. Scapula Isolation
  6. Scapula Elevation & Depression
  7. Arms Scissors
  8. Cat Stretch
  9. Pregnant Cat
  10. Roll Down


Mat Foundation Repertoire

  1. Exercises in Supine Position
  2. Ab Curl
  3. 100
  4. Single Leg Stretch
  5. Single Leg Circle
  6. Roll Up
  7. Criss Cross
  8. Shoulder Bridge (Preparation)
  9. Roll Over (Preparation)
  10. Teaser (Preparation)
  11. Exercises in Seated Position
  12. Half Roll Back
  13. Half Roll Back with a Twist
  14. Spine Twist
  15. Rolling Like a Ball
  16. Spine Stretch Forward
  17. Saw
  18. Exercises in Prone Position
  19. Heel Squeeze Prone
  20. Single Leg Kick (Preparation)
  21. Breaststroke
  22. Swan Dive (Preparation)
  23. Swimming (Preparation)
  24. Prone Extension with Rotation
  25. Bow
  26. Exercises in Side Lying
  27. Side Kick
  28. Top Leg Lift
  29. Top Leg Circles
  30. Staggered Leg Lift
  31. Both Leg Lifts
  32. Body and Leg Lifts
  33. Side Bend (Preparation)
  34. Exercises in Kneeling
  35. Hinge
  36. Camel
  37. Exercises in Quadruped position
  38. Core Control
  39. Leg Pull Front (Preparation)
  40. Exercises in Standing Position
  41. Rear Kick
  42. Side Lifts
  43. Push Up (Preparation)
  44. Exercises in Lunge Position
  45. Lunge with Arms Extension
  46. Lunge with Heel Raises
  47. Lunge with Rotations
  48. Lunge with Rear Leg Raises

Advanced Level
SECTION V: Introduction to Contrology

  1. Getting Stronger and Better
  2. Readdressing the Posture
  3. Lift, Scoop, Grow Tall

Pre-Pilates Principles – exercises include variations

  1. Breathing
  2. Imprint Release
  3. Hip Release
  4. Alternating Leg Raises
  5. Supine Spinal Rotation
  6. Hip Rolls
  7. Hip Rotations
  8. Ankle Exercise
  9. Pregnant Cat
  10. Cat Stretch
  11. Scapula Isolation
  12. Elevation & Depression of Scapula
  13. Arm Scissors
  14. Arm Circles
  15. Chin Tucks
  16. Mermaid
  17. Mermaid with a Twist
  18. Mermaid with Hip Lift
  19. Roll Down the Wall
  20. Standing Hip Flexion and Extension
  21. Running
  22. Standing Posture Check

Advanced Pilates on Mat – exercises include variations

  1. Hundred
  2. Roll Up
  3. Single Leg Circle
  4. Spine Twist
  5. Rolling Like a Ball
  6. Single Leg Stretch
  7. Criss-Cross
  8. Double Leg Stretch
  9. Slow Double Leg Stretch
  10. Scissors
  11. Double Leg Lower Lift
  12. Shoulder Bridge
  13. Rollovers
  14. Heel Squeeze Prone
  15. Single Leg Kick
  16. Double Leg Kicks
  17. Breaststroke
  18. Shell Stretch
  19. Swan Dive Preps
  20. Swan Dive Rock & Catch
  21. Swan Dive
  22. Spine Stretch Forward
  23. Open Leg Rocker Open Leg Rocker by Saima Khan
  24. Corkscrew
  25. Neck Pull
  26. Jacknife
  27. Can-Can
  28. Windmill
  29. Leg Circles
  30. Saw
  31. Side Kick
  32. Side Leg Lift Series 1
  33. Side Leg Lift Series 2
  34. Adductor Lift
  35. Scissors in the Air
  36. Bicycle in the Air
  37. Side Plank
  38. Star
  39. Teaser Series
  40. Beats to Front
  41. Swimming
  42. Beats to Back
  43. Cat Stretch
  44. Pull Front
  45. Leg Pull
  46. Hip Twist
  47. Sidewinder
  48. Side Body Twist
  49. Coordination
  50. Backstroke
  51. Control Balance
  52. Side Kick Kneeling
  53. The Seal
  54. Side Bends
  55. Twist
  56. Rocking
  57. Crab
  58. Boomerang
  59. Push Ups
  60. Push Ups with Arabesque

We share with our students the following resources:

1) Textbooks –

  • Pilates on Mat
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Kinesiology & Biomechanics
  • Theory & Practice of Fitness
  • Principles of Diet and Nutrition
  • Exercise & Fitness Psychology
  • Pilates on Mat – 145 Pilates on Mat Exercise videos

All online classes via Zoom are uploaded on YouTube. The relevant links are shared with the students.

TOTAL duration of Pilates on Mat –

  1. Guided Learning Hours: 130
  2. Self-study/assessment: 220
  3. Total Qualification Time: 350

In addition to the above, the student undergoes an internship of 200 hours as follows:
– Supervised / Guided 125 hours
– Un-supervised / independent: 75 (feedback is generated by the studio / employer)

In our course, the Pilates Teachers are prohibited from:
➢ Prescribing rehabilitation programs
➢ Providing exercise testing and prescription for at risk populations
➢ Prescribing any kind of medication or supplements
➢ Prescribing nutritional programs
➢ Diagnosing any psychological disorders or mental health conditions

Teaching is done as follows –
– Online via Zoom – recordings are uploaded on YouTube and links shared with the students
– Guided Home Study and Assignments – online and
– Offline or physical sessions

Total number of Learning Hours:

  1. Guided Home Study: 120 hours
  2. Face – to – Face: 230 hours

TOTAL duration of Pilates on Mat: 350

The Learning covers the following sections as per EREPS Level 4 standards:
Section 1: Psycho-social aspects of participation in Pilates sessions
Section 2: History, Principles and Practice of Pilates
Section 3: Functional Anatomy & Physiology
Section 4: Client Intake, Screening and Assessment
Section 5: Practical Training – Matwork
Section 6: Principles of Diet & Nutrition
Section 7: Programming, Delivery and the Client Relationship

Distribution of Learning Hours
-Face to Face – Online + Offline)
— Anatomy & Physiology: 20
— Kinesiology & Biomechanics: 20
— Principles of Diet & Nutrition: 25
— Fitness Assessment & Periodization: 25
— Pilates – History & Philosophy: 10
— Exercise & Fitness Psychology / Psychosocial Aspects of Pilates: 10
— Pilates on Mat: 100
— Teaching Practice: 20
– Guided Home Study: 120
TOTAL: 350 hours

[Actual number of hours will vary between 250 and 350 depending on the number of students and number of languages used simultaneously to deliver Knowledge.]

– Theory
— Multiple Questions – 100. (Maximum marks: 100)
— Essay Questions – 2 out 4. (Maximum marks: 100)
– Practical Teaching Assessment: (Maximum 300)
– Home Assignments:
— Practice videos – 5 (Maximum marks: 100)
— Case Study – 1 out 2 (Maximum marks: 100)
TOTAL MAXIMUM Marks          700

As percentage (%) of total marks obtained out of maximum 700 marks:
– Below 49.99% – Grade D (FAIL)
– 50 – 54.99% – Grade C
– 55 – 59.99% – Grade B
– 60 – 69.99% – Grade A
– 70 – 100% – Grade O (Outstanding)

Assessment Grades are printed on the certificates.

The student will be eligible for EREPS Level 4 certificate only if he / she scores 70% or more in the examinations.

The successful student will be awarded the following certificates:
– GAYO FITNESS ACADEMY certificate jointly issued with BPCA College of Physical Education – Univ of Mumbai
– GAYO FITNESS ACADEMY Primary Nutrition Consultant

Optional @ additional fee:
— Skills India NSQF Level 4 / RPL exam and certificate
— EREPS Level 4 certificate (will be awarded to student who obtains more than 70% in the examinations)

Gāyo Fitness Academy and Research Center Private Limited (GFARC)


    1. The Certificate Course for Integrated Pilates Teachers (CCIPT) comprises the following courses –
      1. Certificate Course for Pilates on Mat Teachers (PilMat)
      2. Pilates on Ball (PilBall)
      3. Pilates on Reformer (PilRef)
      4. Pilates on Cadillac (PilCad)
      5. Pilates on other Apparatus (PilApp)
        1. Barrels (Ladder Barrel, Small barrel, Spine Corrector)
        2. Wunda Chair
        3. Magic Circle
        4. Ped-a-pull
    2. Each of the courses from (a) to (e) may be enrolled to and completed as stand-alone programs provided they are individually completed in the sequence as prescribed for each of the five courses.
    3. For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions, the general term “CCIPT COURSE/S” refers to one of the above Pilates courses I am specifically enrolled to.
    4. Fees
      1. The CCIPT COURSE/S Fee is the fee I shall pay for the entire course including theory and practical training, eBOOKS, examinations and certification as published on gayofitnessacademy.com and as shared through social and other media from time to time.
      2. The National Skills Qualification (NSQF) LEVEL 4 CERTIFICATION (SPEFL-SC / SKILLS INDIA RPL), EREPS Level 4, and further certification/s under current and / or proposed EREPS, Focus Awards (UK) and other international accreditations is / are OPTIONAL Fee/s.
      3. GFARC reserves the right to structure the Fee/s and charge the same to the students as deemed fit from time to time.
      4. The Total Composite CCIPT COURSE/S Fee is the total of the CCIPT COURSE/S Fee and the Optional Fee/s payable as published from time to time.
      5. I will pay the CCIPT COURSE/S fee in full and final settlement seven working days before the date of the commencement of the CCIPT COURSE/S course.
      6. I will pay the Optional Fee/s at least 15 days in advance of the commencement of the training program or examination or certification as applicable.
      7. Upon my request and application to GFARC, I may be allowed to pay the CCIPT COURSE/S Fee in equated monthly instalments (EMIs) or according to Module/s that I attend under below-mentioned conditions:
        1. The number of EMIs and / or the Modules will be determined and permitted solely by GFARC and their decision will be final.
        2. I will not be eligible to discounts.
        3. I will pay fee for each of the CCIPT COURSE/S Modules at a rate which is higher than the Module fee charged pro rata in and as part of the CCIPT COURSE/S Fee,
      8. The Fee/s as above is / are liable to change without prior notice due to circumstances beyond GFARC’s control.
      9. The above fee/s may vary from state to state due to additional programs / workshops and / or translation services provided.
      10. I have ascertained and I accept the fee amount/s at the time of this enrolment and I shall pay accordingly.
      11. I promise to pay as per the schedule of payments as laid down by GFARC.
      12. Delay or default in my payment of fee will lead to –
        1. cancellation of enrolment, before commencement of course, and the fee I have paid will be refunded to me after deduction of an administrative charge of ₹2,500/-.
        2. after commencement of the theory module of the CCIPT COURSE/S course in which I have attended at least one but not more than three online theory lectures, I will be refunded the fee after deduction of ₹5,000/-.
        3. after commencement of the theory module of the CCIPT COURSE/S course in which I have attended at four or more online theory lectures and, thereafter, I wish to discontinue my enrolment I will not be eligible for any refund whatsoever irrespective of the reason for the discontinuation save at the discretion of GFARC.
        4. and the amount so paid may be adjusted against future continuation in the next CCIPT COURSE/S batch within a time limit of 12 months from the date of completion of the CCIPT COURSE/S batch in which I am currently enrolled.
        5. after commencement of the practical training module of CCIPT COURSE/S in which I have attended at least one day of practical training, the fee I have paid will be adjusted against number of course days / workshops attended.
        6. I will follow the prescribed procedure/s for the application of course enrolment, discontinuation and refund if any and transfer to the next CCIPT COURSE/S batch and the GFARC’s decision in this regard will be final.
        7. The CCIPT COURSE/S fee includes the premium for the accident and medical expenses insurance policy cover for only one year from the date of CCIPT COURSE/S certificate and this policy may be revised, cancelled or withdrawn as per the policy and decision of GFARC.
      13. GFARC will levy additional fees as follows.
        1. Re-Exam fee
          1. The additional fee will be payable on this account if the student has not earned more than 50% in each of the Assessment and Examination sections. The student will be informed of his / her performance results through the Performance Letter.
          2. The Re-Exam fee will be payable for each of the Sections in which the student has to be re-examined.
          3. The Re-Exam fee will be Rupees Two Thousand and Five Hundred only (₹2,500/-) per each section of the examination – that is, Home Assignments, Theory exam (online or offline), Case Study and Viva Voce and Practical Teaching Assessment.
          4. In case of failure to obtain 70% or more to qualify for the EREPS Level 4 certificate, the student will pay Re-Exam fee of Rupees Five Thousand only (₹5,000/-) and reappear in the Theory exam, Case Study and Viva Voce and Practical Teaching Assessment.
        2. Issue of Duplicate Certificate
          1. The student may be issued with a DUPLICATE copy of the ORIGINAL certificate if the latter is LOST or DESTROYED provided the student –
            1. Pays the fee of Rupees Five Thousand Only (₹5,000/-) and
            2. Submits an affidavit on legal stamp paper (value of Rupees One Hundred Only) to the effect that since the ORIGINAL certificate is lost student requests for the issuance of a DUPLICATE and student will be responsible for all legal and financial consequences of both the ORIGINAL and DUPLICATE are in simultaneous possession and / or circulation with other persons.
        3. Renewal or “updation” of CCIPT COURSE/S Certificate
          1. In the case of a student holding a Course Certificate with an expiry date and wanting to replace it with a fresh Certificate without an expiry date, the student will pay –
            1. Rupees Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Only (₹2,500) + 18% GST in case the ORIGINAL certificate is still within the expiry date
            2. Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred Only (₹3,500) + 18% GST in case the ORIGINAL Certificate has expired
          2. The Certificate will be thus updated (revised) only after the –
            1. Payment of the above fee
            2. Submission of the ORIGINAL
      14. Taxes and course related costs may be additionally payable.
      15. Provided, before enrolment, documentary evidence is submitted to the satisfaction of GFARC and fee is paid in full in one sum, students in following categories may be eligible for discounts:
        1. 5% discount to ISSA / GFARC students and certificate-holders enrolled through GFARC.
        2. 5% discount to international / national level sports persons (in IOC recognized sports disciplines) in any age grouping in last two years before course commencement date.
        3. 10% discounts to physically challenged persons.
        4. Special discounts will be applicable to BPCACPE students / alumni as per discretion of Principal, BPCACPE.
        5. Two or more discount categories cannot be clubbed together – only one is available. GFARC reserves the right to decide quantum of discount.
      16. Learning Resources
        The Course Fee includes the cost of all eBOOKS (soft copies of books in PDF format) and access to exercise videos through Google Drive or GFARC website.

        1. If the student wants the textbooks in the form of hard copies, a fee of Rupees Three Thousand Only (₹3,000/-) will be levied.
        2. This fee includes courier charges.
        3. This fee will be paid at any time during the conduct of the Course.
        4. The payment will be made as described in Clause 1(n) to (s).
      17. Payment Procedure
        1. All fees will be payable to the bank account of GFARC.
        2. The mode of payment will be as per the directions of the GFARC and may be through the mode/s of NEFT or UPI or cheque to GFARC or any other authorized payee.
        3. GFARC will issue one and final consolidated receipt for the total full and final payment at the end of the course. The end of the course is the date on which the course completion and passing certificate is issued subject to the intervening end of the financial year and accounting requirements.
        4. All payments will be made to our GFARC bank account or to the account of any other party / payee as expressly authorized to accept and receive the fees on GFARC’s behalf.
        5. Student must verify the authorization of the other party / payee before making payment and GFARC will NOT be responsible for payments by student to any unauthorized payee irrespective of whether the other party / payee is our representative or not.
        6. After the payment is made, the student must communicate to our Accounts Office in Mumbai the payment transaction details in the following format:
          • Name of student
          • Course / Exam name
          • Amount of Payment
          • Date of Payment
          • Bank from which payment made
          • Name of person from whose account payment is made
          • Payment Transaction reference number
          • Screenshot of payment
          • Total Payable
          • Balance payable if any
    5. Academics
      1. I strictly meet the pre-enrolment criteria as prescribed in and for the said CCIPT COURSE/S failing which I will be barred from the enrolment.
      2. I agree to abide by the rules relating to education & training, examination / assessment leading to certification for CCIPT COURSE/S.
      3. As per CCIPT COURSE/S requirements, I will attend practical training and teaching assessment and submit video recordings of assignments and undergo evaluations / examinations. I agree to and permit the said video recording/s and / or my personal and academic records to be shared with other academic bodies for only confidential academic purposes and not for commercial or public use or display.
      4. I accept that CCIPT COURSE/S and other certificates will be awarded only upon successful completion of the training, assignments and examinations, minimum attendance and OSCE evaluation, according to academic standards published on www.gayofitnessacademy.com, provided I have paid the fee is paid in full.
      5. I agree to renew, on my own at my own expense, CCIPT COURSE/S / EREPS / other related certifications and First Aid & CPR certificate before date of certificate expiry by attending continuing education workshops / seminars if any and by paying the requisite renewal fee as at the time of renewal. The renewal fees are not included in the Total Composite CCIPT COURSE/S Fee.
      6. I undertake to comply with the rules and regulations of BPCACPE / GFARC / EREPS and other accreditation bodies in connection with my CCIPT COURSE/S as also comply with regulations of training centre / facility / premises where I will attend CCIPT COURSE/S training program /course failing which I alone will be responsible for loss of or damage to person / property in the said centre / facility / premises and neither GFARC nor its officers nor teaching faculty will be held liable for the same.
    6. General
      1. I understand and accept that during the CCIPT COURSE/S training, I may suffer from exercise-related or non-exercise related or other injury / accident. I have enrolled to the training program / course having convinced myself that GFARC and its training faculty and training facility providers have exercised due diligence in ensuring a safe training program. I will not hold them responsible in any manner for the injury to me or damage to my property.
      2. I authorize GFARC to receive / archive / courier / email my CCIPT COURSE/S / GFARC / EREPS / other certificate/s and learning resources, etc on my behalf and this will not be considered as breach of confidentiality.
    7. WAIVER. [Strike off which is not relevant from below – (a) or (b). In case of (b) attach doctor’s certificate.]
      1. I solemnly affirm that I suffer from no medical condition or illness in body and mind.
      2. In case I suffer from any medical condition, I promise to submit within seven days of this enrolment my medical doctor’s certificate confirming that I am fit to enrol to and participate in your training program/s without which I will not be enrolled to CCIPT COURSE/S.
      3. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER: I have referred to terms & conditions, specific warranties and disclaimers for and on each training program / course and related learning resources. The enrolment to and / or purchase of training programs / courses (DVD, manual and attending the live training program) and possessing, using and / or allowing the use thereof indicates and confirms my acceptance of and agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
    8. General. In case of any issue not covered above, GFARC’s decision will final in the matter.

I have studied and I now accept unconditionally the above Terms and Conditions specific to the CERITIFCATE COURSE FOR PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINERS – CCIPT COURSE/S – course and accordingly enrol to the said CCIPT COURSE/S.


The Certificate Course for Integrated Pilates Teachers is conducted by Gayo Fitness Academy.

It is now jointly conducted with the BPCA’s College of Physical Education (NAAC Grade “A”) which is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

Europe Active EREPS has accredited CCIPT as Level 4 Personal Trainer.


Because it is a VOCATION or professional course, it is designed to help students establish a business or practice in Pilates Training as quickly as is possible.


The course duration is as follows:

        • Module 1A: Pilates on Mat
        • Module 1B: Pilates on Ball
        • Module 1C: Pilates on Reformer


The courses (modules) will be conducted as a BLENDED course – that is:

        • Online WEBINARS supported by video content
        • Guided Home Study & Practice
        • Home Assignments
        • In-Person Education & Training as and when COVID-19 situation permits


This is the only course which offers students a “menu” to choose from. Students can choose the optional certification and fees according to his / her priority.


We strongly suggest the students to seek the NSQF Level 4 certificate. Click Skills India / NSQF


The fee structure is as follows:

        • Module A: Pilates on Mat: ₹30,000
        • Module B: Pilates on Ball: ₹20,000
        • Module C: Pilates on Reformer: ₹25,000

Add 18% GST



[   ] NSQF LEVEL 4 CERT (SKILLS INDIA – SPEFL-SC)     ₹4,000               Mandatory for overseas employment;

OPTIONAL but ADVISABLE for Domestic Indian market. Student name is registered in Govt of India’s National Skills Register. Mandatory for EREPs Level 4.

[   ] EREPS Level 4                                                          ₹5,000               This certificate will be emailed to EREPS directly to

student. NSQF Level 4 / RPL is mandatory pre-requirement.

Visit CCIPT Course link and check Pilates on Mat, Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer OVERVIEWS for:

        • Certification & Accreditations Structure
        • Fee Structure
        • Terms and Conditions:


Gāyo’s Certificate Course for Integrated Pilates Teachers is India’s first and oldest formally structured Pilates Teacher Training program.


In 2009, Gāyo introduced Pilates Institute of America’s (PIA) Pilates Teacher training programs. Ms Frances Owens, co-founder of PIA’s co-founder, who now runs Pilates Training Camps in USA trained and certified our Master Trainers. Ms Owens has worked with Lolita San Miguel, the only living Pilates Teacher to be trained by the legendary Joseph Pilates himself.


India does not have a national Fitness Industry or Association which can establish standards of fitness education and training, code of practice, etc.  (like the Indian Medical Association, for example).


We thus believe that aligning with one of the best, nationally respected Universities is the only way to establish best practices in fitness education and training on basis of the highest academic standards in India.


The certificate is issued jointly with the BPCA’s College of Physical Education, University of Mumbai.


CCIPT is internationally accredited by European Union’s Europe Active EREPS Level 4. This course is accepted in over 40 countries. It officially supports the self-study courses of International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), USA, which are accepted in over 90 countries.


The dual purposes of these new accreditations are:

        • Improve GFA’s academic standards
        • Enable students wanting to work abroad with best possible education and training on par with world standards


CCIPT is conducted in almost all major cities of India. Visit events for latest update of events.


Visit CCIPT Course link and check Pilates on Mat, Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer OVERVIEWS for course syllabus.


Students who are trained and certified at the end of the course are ready to launch their world class careers with confidence and security.


Visit CCIPT Course link and check Pilates on Mat, Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer OVERVIEWS for:

        • Certification & Accreditations Structure
        • Fee Structure
        • Terms and Conditions:


Upon successful completion of each Pilates Module, student will be awarded Gāyo Fitness Academy certification for that particular Module as follows:

        • Pilates on Mat Teacher
        • Pilates on Ball Teacher
        • Pilates on Reformer


Successful completion of above 3 modules will lead to automatic grant of –

        • Gāyo Fitness Academy Integrated Pilates Teacher Certificate
        • EREPS Level 4 Pilates Trainer (renewable every year) click on EREPS FAQ subject to extra fee and examination for below mentioned:
        • National Skills Qualification (NSQF) Level 4 – Click NSQF
          • Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even if you plan to work in India
          • MANDATORY if you plan to work abroad for which purpose you will seek certification/s from the following


The Gāyo CCIPT / Pilates on Mat / Pilates on Ball / Pilates on Reformer certificates are NOT renewable.


Though the Pilates certificates are NOT renewable – there is no expiry date – the certificate holder, it is RECOMMENDED, must attend at least 30 hours of additional training every three years after issue date of certificate.


The training programs attended in order to continue education or progress your career may be in bodybuilding, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, management, accounting, safety or any other subject which will help you update professional knowledge. If a student as completed Pilates on Mat, the other modules – Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer – will be considered as CEUs / CPDs.


NSQF Level 4, EREPS and other accreditation certifications, as applicable, will need to be renewed as per their rules.


The objective of Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is encourage certificate holders to regularly add their professional knowledge and training skill sets. This will sharpen their competitive edge in the marketplace. Learn something new related to Fitness and deliver it to your clients!


Yes, you can! In fact, you should start with Pilates on Mat and then progress through Pilates on Ball and Reformer and finally to Pilates on Other Apparatus.


Once you enroll to the course, you are member of our FAMILY of GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY.


We will guide you – free of cost – in:

        • Academic studies
        • Client training
        • Business development
        • Legal issues


Additionally, you become automatically, full Member of our alumni association – the Fitness and Strength & Conditioning Professionals in India – click here FASCONpro – and earn lots of privileges!


BPCACPE is the only college in Mumbai to have its own stadium and training facilities! It is one of the top Physical Education Colleges in India. It is permanently affiliated to the University and is accredited with Grade A by NAAC. http://www.bpcacpemumbai.org/


BPCACPE and our Academy together offer the CCIPT and the Certificate Course in Fitness Center Management. Both these are vocation courses approved and certified by the University of Mumbai.


The University of Mumbai offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral courses, as well as diplomas and vocation certificates in many disciplines. The University of Mumbai is one of the largest universities in the world. It currently has over 700 affiliated colleges. Accredited by NAAC in A***** Grade, it is one of the three oldest universities in the country.


EREPS is Europe Active Register of Exercise Professionals set up by Europe Active under the auspices of European Union in Brussels, Belgium. http://www.ereps.eu/


EREPS has over 30 countries as members – including Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, UAE and UK.


        • EREPS is the world’s largest REPS system. It covers all 30 countries in the European Union – including France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, etc. Your personal trainer certificate is valid for jobs in these countries subject to language skills, immigration laws, employment opportunities, etc)
        • Your name and contact details will be listed as Level 4 personal trainer on the EREPS website in Brussels, Belgium. You will receive Level 4 certification directly from EREPS, Brussels.
        • EREPS and Mumbai University certificates mean –
        1. You have been delivered professional knowledge more than sufficient for successful career anywhere in the world
        2. You have been given knowledge in classroom / actual training
        3. Your knowledge has been examined according to highest standards of Mumbai University and EREPS
        4. Your certificates show that you are ready to work as world class personal trainer
        5. Your certification comes from Government of India’s NAAC A-5 Star accredited Mumbai University on basis of knowledge delivered by Gayo Fitness Academy and BPCACPE accredited in “A” Grade by NAAC.
Certificate Course for Pilates on Mat Teachers
Rs. 30,000