Certificate Course in Fitness Centre Management- CCFCM

Jointly conducted by GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY and the prestigious BPCA’s College of Physical Education permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai and graded “A” by NAAC, this vocational course leads to certification by the University of Mumbai vide # Aff No / ICD / 16-17 / 1370 dt Oct 20 2017. The University of Mumbai is accredited by NAAC in Grade “A – 5 Stars” – the highest grade for Indian Universities.

CCFCM is the first University approved fitness centre management course in India.

Our surveys across India show that fitness professional open a fitness business (e.g. a gym) but 90% of them lack the professional knowledge of running the business scientifically. We also see businessmen who invest in gyms without having the requisite professional knowledge of Fitness Sciences.

Our CCFCM brings Fitness and Business together.

Student Eligibility

  • Must have passed 10 + 2 years of School Education
  • Must hold National / International Certification in –
    • Fitness Education certification equivalent and have minimum three years of training experience
    • Sports Coaching certificate in IOC recognized Sports or Indian Sports
  • Must be physically fit
  • Must have passion for fitness / sport
  • Physically Challenged persons can apply if they have exposure to fitness / sport
  • BEFORE EXAMINATION, must attend and be certified in First Aid & CPR with AED

Knowledge Delivery

Currently CCFCM IS BEING OFFERED AS BLENDED COURSE – that is, it comprises:

  • Online WEBINARS (face-to-face) supported with training videos
  • GUIDED home study / practice
  • IN-PERSON (face-to-face) education & training


₹25,000 + 18% GST

  • There are no discounts
  • Course credits will be awarded for the practical training workshops –
    • Fitness Assessment & Testing and Exercise Periodization
    • ManTra Exercise & Fitness Psychology
    • First Aid & CPR with AED

Learning Resources

  • eBOOKs as per subjects: Students will get soft copies
  • eNotes and practice materials as per subjects: (questionnaires, diet recall sheets, etc. – via email
  • Videos as applicable: accessible through www.gayofitnessacademy.com
  • Online lectures MP4 video files: links to YouTube channel.
  • Study support: through Webinars, WhatsApp, YouTube
  • Free professional guidance after enrolment and certification


  • Practical Home Study Assignment MAXIMUM MARKS 200
  • Real-time (In-Classroom / webinars) Assessment. MAXIMUM MARKS 100
  • Student will be assessed for in-classroom interaction, proactive participation in class, punctuality, social skills, etc, on basis of OSCE principles.
  • End of Term Course
    • Theory Exam: 100 Multiple Choice Questions. MAXIMUM MARKS 200 – online through website
      • The subjects covered will be –
        • practical training workshops
        • Fitness Assessment & Exercise Periodization
        • Case Study presentation & Viva Voce: MAXIMUM MARKS 100. Student has to select only one out of three case studies and submit it at time of the viva voce exam.

TOTAL Marks – 600 Passing Marks: at least 300 out of 600.

Total number of Learning hours

TOTAL: approximately 250 hours.

  • Online face to face: 100 hours
  • Guided home study: 75 hours

In-person classroom study: 75 hours

Assessment & Certifications

Assessment Grades printed on CCFCM certificates – University of Mumbai.
As percentage (%) of total marks obtained out of maximum 600 marks –

  • Below 49.99% – Grade D (FAIL)
  • 50 – 54.99 – Grade C
  • 55 – 59.99 – Grade B
  • 60 – 69.99 – Grade A
  • 70 – 100 – Grade O (Outstanding)

The Mumbai University certificate will be awarded with the Grade C, B, A or O mentioned in the certificate.

Certificates will be awarded to students on basis of assessments in –

  • Fitness Assessment & Testing and Exercise Periodization
  • Exercise & Fitness Psychology
  • First Aid & CPR with AED

The CCFCM and workshop certificates do not have an expiry date. They need not be renewed. However, the certificate holder is advised to earn 30 hours of additional training as Continuing Education Units within every three years.

Course Syllabus

CCFCM– Course Syllabus
The blended Certificate Course for Fitness Centre Management is approved and certified as Vocation Course by University of Mumbai. It is conducted by Gāyo in partnership with the BPCA’s College of Physical Education.
Because it is a VOCATION or professional course, it is designed to help students establish a business or work as manager or supervisor in Fitness Facility (Centre or Club) as quickly as is possible. The course duration is approximately 250 hours: Due to COVID-19 situation, the course will be conducted as a BLENDED course – that is: - Online WEBINARS supported by video content - Guided Home Study & Practice - Home Assignments - In-Person Education & Training as and when COVID-19 situation permits.
Visit CCFCM Course link and check CCFCM OVERVIEW for: - Certification & Accreditations Structure - Fee Structure - Terms and Conditions
The course is approved and certificated by the University of Mumbai which is accredited in Grade A-5 Stars by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC), Government of India. This is the highest accreditation grade for any Indian University. Under the approval of Mumbai University, we conduct the course in partnership with BPCA’s College of Physical Education which is permanently affiliated to the University and is itself accredited with Grade A by NAAC. India does not have a national Fitness Industry or Association which can establish standards of fitness education and training, code of practice, etc., (like the Indian Medical Association, for example). We thus believe that aligning with one of the best, nationally respected Universities is the only way to establish best practices in fitness education and training on basis of the highest academic standards in India. By virtue of the University recognition, CCFCM is accepted across India and overseas.
CCFCM is conducted in almost all major cities of India. Visit events for latest update of events.
For detailed syllabus click CCFCM course syllabus. It is the most comprehensive syllabus for fitness managers. CCFCM is the only fitness center manager’s course in India which provides fee post-enrolment guidance to students in academic and professional matters. Students who are trained and certified at the end of the course are ready to launch their world class careers with confidence and security.
Visit CCFCM course link for:  Certification & Accreditations Structure  Fee Structure  Terms and Conditions  irst Aid & CPR AED Optional, additional certificates, if applicable, are – - National Skills Qualification – NSQF Level 3 (highly recommended)
The Gāyo certificate is NOT renewable.
Though the CCFCM certificate is not renewable – there is no expiry date – the certificate holder, it is RECOMMENDED, must attend at least 30 hours of additional training every three years after issue date of certificate. The training programs attended in order to continue education or progress your career may be in bodybuilding, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, management, accounting, safety or any other subject which will help you update professional knowledge. NSQF Level 4, EREPS and other accreditation certifications, as applicable, will need to be renewed as per their rules. The objective of Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is encourage certificate holders to regularly add their professional knowledge and training skill sets. This will sharpen their competitive edge in the marketplace. Learn something new related to Fitness and deliver it to your clients!
Once you enroll to the course, you are member of our FAMILY of GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY. We will guide you – free of cost – in: - Academic studies - Client training - Business development - Legal issues
BPCACPE is the only college in Mumbai to have its own stadium and training facilities! It is one of the top Physical Education Colleges in India. It is permanently affiliated to the University and is accredited with Grade A by NAAC. http://www.bpcacpemumbai.org/ BPCACPE and our Academy together offer the CCFCM and the Certificate Course in Fitness Center Management. Both these are vocation courses approved and certified by University of Mumbai.
The University of Mumbai offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral courses, as well as diplomas and vocation certificates in many disciplines. The University of Mumbai is one of the largest universities in the world. It currently has over 700 affiliated colleges. Accredited by NAAC in A***** Grade, it is one of the three oldest universities in the country.

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Certificate Course in Fitness Centre Management- CCFCM
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