Certificate Course for Integrated Yoga Teachers – CCIYT


Health and fitness are not static. They are always changing. They follow the “Law of use and disuse”. The type of health and physical fitness varies according to the age, sex and occupation. Health and fitness can be maintained only through carefully selected exercises. Selected exercise programme may vary from individual.

One should always know his \ her limitations about practicing selected exercises. It is not the quantity but quality of the exercise that is important. Health and fitness primarily depend upon the condition of the spine and the working of the vital organs situated in the thoraco-abdominal cavity and not just the skeletal muscles.

To fulfil all such requirements Yoga is the best medium. Considering the above, this course is structured to include yogic theory and practices.

GĀYO jointly conducts the course along with the globally respected Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) – LYI(I). It has been specially designed by world renowned Yoga Teacher, Scholar, Researcher and Author, Dr Manmanth Gharote ji, Director of LYI(I).

The CCIYT is based on Dr Gharote ji’s research and teachings. He believes in the traditional Yoga as propounded in Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and Sage Sundardeva’s Hathatatvakaumudi. CCIYT focuses on Ashtanga principles – Yoga practice through all its 8 limbs.

His teachings are based on ancient Yoga manuscripts sourced from world over!

The course objectives are –

  • Enable practice of complete Yoga comprising Ashtanga principles (8 limbs) and not just the physical poses
  • Help fitness professionals integrate traditional Yoga as one of 8 training technologies to achieve the permutation and combination of the 16 fitness goals that their clients desire
  • Enable them to introduce clients to true Traditional Yoga
  • Enable fitness professionals to progress to next level of Lifestyle Guides

Given that the LYI(I) has branches in 60 countries, we are confident of earning international accreditations in the coming months.


These are some of the reasons why CCIYT is considered to be unique:

  • It is designed by Dr Manmath Gharote ji for fitness professionals and the fitness industry.
  • It is based on traditional principles of Yoga as documented in ancient manuscripts.
  • The blended teaching of 200 hours supported by impressive Learning Resources – 3 textbooks by Dr Gharote ji, eNotes and access to over 85 videos.
  • The teaching is through over offline / in-person teaching, home study & assignments and online Zoom webinars. Online webinars and in-person teaching are internationally accepted channels for “face-to-face” knowledge delivery.
  • CCIYT students will also receive, free of additional cost, post-enrolment and post-certification mentoring and guidance in academic and professional spaces.
  • This course is one more initiative of Gāyo to help build careers – not just jobs – in holistic Fitness.

Student Eligibility

Students wanting to enrol to CCIYT must –

  1. Have passed 10 + 2 years of School Education
  2. Be physically and medically fit
  3. Have passion for physical movement
  4. Physically Challenged persons are encouraged to enrol
  5. BEFORE FINAL EXAMINATION, must attend and be certified in First Aid & CPR with AED
  6. Exceptions may be entertained subject to LYI(I) and GĀYO rules and international standards
  7. Course delivery is bilingual, however students ought to have working knowledge of English

Knowledge Delivery

NOTE: Currently CCPFT is BEING OFFERED AS BLENDED COURSE – that is, it comprises:

  1. Online WEBINARS (face-to-face) supported with PPTs with training videos
  2. GUIDED home study / practice on basis of in-person teaching and 80 yogasana videos
  4. IN-PERSON (face-to-face) education & training. Dr. Manmath Gharote ji and our Yoga Margadarshaks (Guides) will conduct the in-person and online teaching classes.


Certifications and Fees*:


CCPFT COURSE & CERTIFICATES                     FEE                                         Remarks

LYI(I) – GĀYO certificate                                      :               25,000*                Add 18% GST.

Learning Resources

CCPFT Learning Resources –

  • 3 textbooks written by Dr Manmath Gharote ji
  • Soft copy of eNotes
  • eNotes and practice materials as per subjects: (questionnaires, diet recall sheets, etc. – via email
  • access to over 85 yogasana and other videos
  • Online lectures MP4 video files: links to our YouTube channel.
  • Study support: through Webinars, WhatsApp, YouTube
  • Free professional guidance after enrolment and certification


  • Practical Home Study Assignment. Maximum marks 100
  • Theory Exam 100 Multiple Choice Questions. Maximum marks 100

The subjects covered are: Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Principles of Yogic Practices and Practical Demonstration and Reaching of Yogasanas.

  • Real-time (In-Classroom) Assessment. Maximum marks 100

Student will be assessed for in-classroom interaction, proactive participation in class, punctuality, social skills, etc, on basis of OSCE principles.

  • Practical Training Exam – Peer Teaching Lesson. Maximum marks 100

Each student will randomly pick two Yogasanas from a list of 25 exercises and:

  1. Introduce himself / herself
  2. introduce the Yogasana
  3. demonstrate the Yogasana
  4. teach it to the “client” according to Ashtanga principles
  5. training cues – check for safety, breathing etc
  6. “Close” the Yoga session.
  • Viva Voce. Maximum marks 100. Oral questions will be asked about the Yogasanas taught, related kinesiology and Yogic principles.

TOTAL Marks – 500

Assessment & Certifications:

Assessment Grades printed on CCIYT certificates

As percentage (%) of total marks obtained out of maximum 600 marks –

  • Below 49.99% – Grade D (FAIL)
  • 50 – 54.99 – Grade C
  • 55 – 59.99 – Grade B
  • 60 – 69.99 – Grade A
  • 70 – 100 – Grade O (Outstanding)

The CCIYT certificate does not have an expiry date. They need not be renewed. However, the certificate holder is advised to earn 30 hours of additional training as Continuing Education Units within every three years.

Total number of Learning hours

TOTAL: approximately 250 hours.

  • Approximately 150 hours of classroom (online / offline classroom) instruction both in theory and practice, subject to batch strength
  • 100 hours of off-site / home assignments

Course Syllabus

CCIYT – Course Syllabus
The Certificate Course for Integrated Yoga Teachers – CCIYT – is a Yoga course specially designed by Dr Manmath Gharote ji, Director of the world famous Lonavla Yoga Institute (India).
TOTAL: approximately 250 hours spread over 4 months. The course will be conducted as a BLENDED course – that is: - Online WEBINARS supported by video content - Guided Home Study & Practice - Home Assignments - In-Person Education & Training
“Integrated” has two meanings here. A) Our Yoga course teaches the Ashtanga principles – Yoga is not just physical poses, it includes mental and spiritual training as well, through the teaching and practice of its eight limbs. The eight limbs of yoga are yama (abstinences), niyama (observances), asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption). B) We will teach how to integrate Yoga through the practice of Yogasanas, Kriyas, Pranayamas and Meditation in fitness exercises and daily lifestyle.
Visit CCIYT Course link and check CCIYT OVERVIEW for: - Certification & Accreditations Structure - Fee Structure - Terms and Conditions
Dr Manmath Gharote will teach. He will be assisted by our specially trained Yoga Margadarshaks. They will also teach online and in-person classes.
This course is designed and presented by Dr Manmath Gharote ji, Director of the Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) which has branches in 60 countries! He is an internationally respected Yoga Teacher, Researcher and Scholar. We are currently under the process of seeking international accreditation.
CCIYT is conducted across India. We will cover other cities in the time to come. Visit events for latest update of events.
For detailed syllabus click CCIYT course syllabus. It is the most comprehensive syllabus for fitness managers. Students who are trained and certified at the end of the course are ready to add value to their skill sets as Fitness and Nutrition professionals, physiotherapists, etc.
Visit CCIYT course link for:  Certification & Assessment Structure  Fee Structure  Terms and Conditions Optional, additional certificates, if applicable, are – - Skills India RPL / National Skills Qualification – NSQF Level 4 (highly recommended)
The CCIYT certificate is NOT renewable.
Though the CCIYT certificate is not renewable – there is no expiry date – the certificate holder, it is RECOMMENDED, must attend at least 30 hours of additional training every three years after issue date of certificate. The training programs attended in order to continue education or progress your career may be in bodybuilding, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, management, accounting, safety or any other subject which will help you update professional knowledge. The objective of Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is encourage certificate holders to regularly add their professional knowledge and training skill sets. This will sharpen their competitive edge in the marketplace. Learn something new related to Fitness and deliver it to your clients!
Once you enroll to the course, you are member of our FAMILY of GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY. We will guide you – free of cost – in: - Academic studies - Client training - Business development - Legal issues
Visit https://www.lonavlayoga.org/ for information. It is one of the world’s leading centers for research in Yoga. It has branches in over 60 countries.

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Certificate Course for Integrated Yoga Teachers – CCIYT
Rs. 25,000