Prakash S More

Prakash S More


  • Member of our National Faculty.
  • National Master Trainer in Strength Training and Bodybuilding
  • Tutor

Prakash’s credentials include –

  • Master Trainer in Advanced Strength Training – Levels 1 and 2
  • Master Trainer in Bodybuilding Coaching
  • Master Trainer in Plyometrics for Agility & Power
  • Master Trainer in Functional Strength Training
  • ISSA (USA) certified fitness trainer
  • India’s first Master Trainer and Athlete for Optimum Nutrition (USA) – 2014 and 2015


  • A celebrity personal trainer of wide repute since 2008, Prakash was selected as an Evolution Sports Nutrition (SA) athlete in 2016 and as Big Flex Nutrition Athlete in 2017. He is brand ambassador for Powerstorm Nutrition since 2022. He also represents New Extreme Sports (UAE).
  • Owner of GURU 360° a well-respected fitness solutions business, Prakash has trained not only actors and bodybuilding and physique athletes but clients across special populations.
  • His Bodybuilding and sports career over 20 years has seen him in the top three positions in Maharashtra and Bharat Shree contests.
  • He has deep knowledge of Bodybuilding and Strength Training. Being a vegetarian his knowledge in performance nutrition is based on his own success in these sports.


    • GĀYO +912249240498 / +918104839793