Madhumita Neog

Madhumita Neog


  • Senior Faculty – Dietetics and Performance Nutrition Sciences
  • Tutor and Assessor

Madhumita’s professional credentials include –

  • Diploma in Obesity Management (The University of Edinburgh), Sept 2020;
  • Diploma in Food and Health (Stanford University), July 2018;
  • Certificate Course in Nutrition and Dietetics ( VLCC), Feb 2011;

Madhumita’s wide experience includes –

  • Member of WB Yoga Council(WICCI);
  • Entrepreneurial services in diet management;
  • In house Nutritionist at Spartan EFA, Kolkata;
  • Personality Development and Nutrition trainer at Indian Diva Pageant in Dec’ 2017;
  • Freelance Writer for Asia Spa, India’s foremost luxury and lifestyle magazine.
  • Columnist at leading English Newspaper.

She has conducted innumerable programs including –

  • Webinars on Immunity, Weight Management and Holistic Wellness;
  • Home Based Fitness Programs;
  • Conducted programs on Weight Management & Grooming;
  • Panelist at International Seminar organised by ICHR and FitExpo.

Her key skills include

  • Qualified to handle Nutrition & Food Behavior Counselling and Lifestyle Coaching;
  • Experience in Preventive, Performance and Recovery Nutrition;
  • Wellness management for clientele in diverse professional backgrounds (models, actors and athletes);
  • Impactful programs with Institutions and Organizations;
  • Promoting Food Safety Awareness and Sustainable Weight Management;
  • Collaborating with “Foodpreneurs” in creating calorie specific menus;
  • Spearheading training to enhance efficiency in operations towards accomplishment of corporate objectives.


  • GĀYO +918104839793 / +912249240498