Ms. Kiran Sharma

Ms. Kiran Sharma


  • Faculty and Master Trainer in Integrated Yoga and Pilates at GĀYO.
  • Master Trainer in Functional Range of Motion and Kridasan.
  • Head of Internal Quality Assurance, Gayo Fitness Academy

Kiran demonstrates Ardha-Matsyendrasan pose
Kiran holds several national and international credentials including –

  • Master’s Degree in Yoga
  • EREPS Level 4 certificate as Integrated Pilates Teacher – on Mat, Ball and Reformer
  • Master Trainer in Functional Range of Motion
  • Master Trainer in Kridasan Sports Yoga
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education


  • Kiran has worked as personal trainer and Yoga teacher for the last 5 years in Delhi and Mumbai. She is an accomplished Pilates teacher.
  • She heads Internal Quality Assurance and in this capacity she is responsible for quality assurance on the basis of information gathered from faculty, students and other stake holders.


  • GĀYO +912249240498 / +918104839793