New Jersey, USA, based Kim Marie Pauline is a former champion Women’s bodybuilder.

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An international speaker and educator of renown, she is a Guest Faculty in Gāyo Fitness Academy, Mumbai. What makes her special is not just her professional achievements but also the fact that she is a great lover of India and things Indian.

New Jersey, USA, based Kim Marie Pauline is a former champion Womens bodybuilder who earned laurels at national and international levels. She holds double Masters Degrees in Sports Nutrition.

Her long experience of over 20 years in top-level competitive bodybuilding and expertise in Nutrition have platformed her achievements in the areas of personal training, bodybuilding coaching, sports & performance supplementation as well as functional medicine nutritionist.

Clients include corporations and individuals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, and India. Kim is the founder of Wellness Bod

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Hon. / Guest Faculty – Sports & Comparative Yoga, Group Exercise, Pilates
    National Academics Manager and Head of Faculty – Strength Training and Exercise Sciences
      National Faculty for Strength Training and Sports & Performance Nutrition