Hon. / Guest Faculty – Exercise Physiology, Exercise & Sports Kinesiology & Bio-mechanics, Sports Injury Management, etc.

Training Experience
About Dr. Akshat Pandey

Holds several national and international credentials including B.P.T. M I A P, ATLS (HINDUJA HOSP), FELLOWSHIP (AIIMS)

Akshat is a Sports Physio with deep experience at national and international levels. He has been closely associated with –

  • Indian Weightlifting Federation Core Group London 2012 / SAI-NSNIS Patiala, CWG2010 Core Group
  • Indian Cycling Federation / SAI-NSNIS Patiala, CWG2014 / Asian Games 2014 Korea Indian Gymnastics as an accredited International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Physio ID – 50355
  • Life member Indian Society of Biomechanics Indian Institute of Technology IIT Roorkee – Regd No 300
  • Life member Indian Association of Sports Medicine PY 692
  • Currently, National Boxing Academy – Rohtak – Sports Authority of India
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Director of Training – Pilates, Group Exercise and Exercise Sciences
    Head of Faculty – Nutrition Sciences
      National Academics Manager and Head of Faculty – Strength Training and Exercise Sciences