Certificate Course in Personal Fitness Trainers (CCPFT)

Certificate Course in Personal Fitness Trainers (CCPFT)


Start: July 7, 2024
End: October 15, 2024

Online: Via Zoom


Shilpa’s Gym and Salon (Nazrul Sarani Rd, Barrackpore, Kolkata, 700120)

This personal trainer course has 2 parts:
i) Level 3 – Gayo Fitness Academy certification with syllabus as per Mumbai Univ and EREPS Level 4 standards.
ii) Level 4 – Gayo Fitness Academy certification issued jointly with BPCACPE, approved and certificated through University of Mumbai.

Both courses are aligned with Skills India / SPEFL-SC NSQF Level 4 (RPL)

Our composite Level 3 and 4 course is EREPS Level 4.
– CCPFT is accepted in 50 countries including UAE, UK, Europe, etc. However, local exam may need to be given in some countries.
– Fully qualifies for UAE REPS Cat “A” Personal Trainer card – provisional (on visitor visa) and regular (on Emirates ID)

– ONLINE via Zoom
– OFFLINE Practical Training
Combined course is in English and Bengali

– Level 3 personal trainer course: ₹35,000 + GST
– Level 4 Mumbai personal trainer course: (in addition to Level 3) ₹20,000 + GST
– OPTIONAL / MANDATORY for EREPS Level 4: Skills India RPL / NSQF Level 4 Fee ₹4,750 incl admin fee and GST.
– OPTIONAL but REQUIRED for WORKING OUTSISE INDIA: EREPS Level 4: ₹5,000 for first year; thereafter renewable every year at extra fee

Level 3 Course
– Theory & Practice of Fitness
– Theory & Practice of Strength
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Kinesiology & Biomechanics
– Fitness Assessment
– Exercise Periodization
Practical training in:
– Advanced Strength Training Level 1
– Functional Strength Training
– Plyometrics for Agility and Power
– Functional Range of Motion
– Fitness Assessment Techniques
– FA-CPR with AED

Level 4 Course
(In addition to Level 3 syllabus)
– Diet & Performance Nutrition
– Muscle Mechanics
– Exercise Physiology
– Exercise & Fitness Psychology
– Fitness for Special Populations
– Business Development & Marketing
– ManTra Exercise & Fitness Psychology

– access to 1,100 exercise videos
– access to YouTube recordings of the online classes
Note: Hardcopies of five textbooks – extra fee ₹2,360/-

– For Level 3: 10th pass minimum
– For Level 4: 12th pass minimum and above Level 3
– Must be medically fit
– Must have liking for physical movement
For EREPS Level 4:
– Must have completed Level 3 GAYO PFT course (above)
– Must have completed Level 4 course (above)
– Must hold Skills India NSQF Level 4 / RPL certificate

– Online home submissions
– Offline Final Theory MCQ exam
– Preparation of case study
– Offline viva voce based on case study
– Offline practical teaching exam based on case study: student will teach “client” –
a) warm up
b) cardio
c) weight training
d) other exercise formats as relevant
e) stretching for flexibility
f) cool down
g) feedback with client

Minimum passing marks
Levels 3 and 4: Minimum Passing Marks: 50%
EREPS Level 4: Minimum passing 70%

Day to Day Timetable will be updated by June 15.
ONLINE via Zoom
– Course Overview
– Theory Lectures(Monday + Wednesday + Friday – 230 pm to 430 pm)
– Study & Submissions
Practical Trainings

Level 3
A) Gayo Fitness Academy Personal Trainer Certificate
B) Workshop Certificates
i) Advanced Strength Training Level 1 (Weight Training)
ii) Functional Strength Training
iii) Functional Range of Motion
iv) Fitness Assessment Testing

Level 4
All above certificates PLUS
D) Joint Gayo certification with BPCACPE – Mumbai University
E) Workshop Certificates
– Primary Nutrition Consultant
F) Skills India NSQF Level 4 / RPL certificate
G) EREPS Level 4

Shilpa Podder – Course Director: Faculty for Business Development, etc.
Dilip Heble: Faculty for Theory & Practice of Fitness and Strength, First Aid & CPR with AED, etc
Ratnadeep Tagde (Mumbai): Faculty for Strength Training, Functional Strength Training, Plyometrics
Madhumita Neog: Diet & Nutrition:
Dr Bhaskar Sengupta: Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology & Biomechanics
Soma Bhattacharyya: Functional Range of Motion
NOTE: Faculty is subject to change.

Call Shilpa’s Gym and Salon: +91 7439761994

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