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CCIPT Overview

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The Certificate Course for Integrated Pilates Teachers (CCIPT) is India’s first formally structured Pilates Teacher Training program that was launched in India in 2009.

Europe Active – European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) have internationally accredited CCIPT as Level 4 Pilates Trainer course on basis of its –

  • comprehensive knowledge delivery,
  • strict and credible assessment system, and
  • stringent internal quality assurance protocols.

CCIPT will now be conducted jointly with the BPCA’s College of Physical (BPCACPE), permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai, currently as an extension of the Certificate Course for Personal Fitness Trainers (CCPFT) which is approved and certificated under the University’s letter # Aff No / ICD / 16-17 / 1370 dt Oct 20 2017.

BPCACPE is accredited in Grade “A” by the National Assessment and Accreditation Commission (NAAC), Government of India. NAAC is the highest central body that accredits higher education through the Universities. NAAC has accredited the University of Mumbai in Grade “A-5 stars”.

Why Pilates?

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for professional knowledge in the distinctive exercise format of Pilates.

In the Indian context, Pilates is the most appropriate form of exercise for the following reasons:

  1. In current COVID-19 conditions that are likely to continue for some years, Pilates offers opportunities to develop aerobic endurance,
  2. Is most well suited to the Indian psyche and fitness aspirations – fat loss, muscle tone, local muscular endurance and flexibility,
  • It does not require weight training,
  1. It requires minimum space and equipment,
  2. It is suitable for exercisers in all age groups – from age 6 upwards,
  3. Pilates can be used as part of personal training, strength and conditioning, exercise therapy. It is useful for athletes, general fitness enthusiasts as also children and senior citizens
  • Offers vocational opportunities in an area of Physical Education and Fitness in which market demand is growing rapidly, mainly due to its therapeutic and health applications

CCIPT objectives

  1. To prepare fitness professionals in Pilates Teaching.
  2. To enhance the quality of Physical Education Teachers through the value added course.
  3. To understand the basic concepts of Exercises Sciences in the particular context of Pilates.
  4. To enable the learner to understand the basic structure and function of human body in the particular context of Pilates.
  5. To acquire the knowledge regarding effect of exercise on the body as a whole in the particular context of Pilates.
  6. To understand the Principles of Exercise Sciences practically applied to 16 Fitness Goals / Types on basis of eight general categories of Training Methodologies including body weight training of which Pilates is a major element.
  7. To understand the Biomechanical and Physiological aspects of Pilates exercise.
  8. To study the posture related deformities and corrective exercises.
  9. To acquire the knowledge pertaining to the legal issues and documentation
  10. To study the principles of training related to Pilates exercise.
  11. To study and learn the anthropometry and fitness related tests.

Student Eligibility

  • The enrolling Pilates Student must hold prior certification / qualification in Fitness & Exercise Sciences from –
    1. internationally accredited agencies like International Sports Sciences Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise or
    2. EREPS / REPS Level 3 / 4 equivalent or other equivalent education agency or
    3. a recognized fitness education institute in India or
    4. graduate Degree in Physical Education or
    5. graduate degree in Physiotherapy
  • For Pilates on Reformer, prior certification in modules in Pilates on Mat and Ball is required.
  • Integrated Pilates Teacher certificate is issued to students who successfully complete all modules.

The student for the admission to CCIPT module/s must have at least completed his/her Higher Secondary Education (HSC – i. e., 10+2).

Knowledge Delivery

Currently all CCIPT modules are BEING OFFERED AS BLENDED COURSE – that is, each module comprises:

  1. Online WEBINARS (face-to-face) supported with PPTs with training videos Zarana: insert PPT file: 08. PPT Hundred – video must be playing
  2. GUIDED home study / practice on basis of module-wise exercise videos – Zarana – please insert video file: 09 Can Can
  4. IN-PERSON (face-to-face) education & training
  5. Post-Enrolment and Post-Certification Mentoring


Please note that the CCIPT is actually made up of three INDEPENDENT course modules in –

  • Module A: Pilates on Mat – Modules 1A, 1B, 3, 4A
  • Module B: Pilates on Ball – Module 4B
  • Module C: Pilates on Reformer – Module 4C

Students who complete all three awarded the Integrated Pilates Teacher certificate – in addition to the certificate/s for the above module/s.

The fees:

  • Pilates on Mat: ₹27,500*
  • Pilates on Ball: ₹16,750*
  • Pilates on Reformer: ₹33,500*

*Add 18% GST

Learning Resources

Pilates on Mat

Pilates on Ball

Pilates on Reformer


Theory Examination

  • The exam will be in equal parts THEORY and PRACTICAL
  • Marking will be as follows:
    • Course I: 50 marks
    • Course II: 50 marks
    • Course III: 50 marks
    • Course IV: 50 marks
    • Course V: 150 marks
    • Course VI: 50 marks

TOTAL MARKS: 400 marks

  • Duration of examination
    • Course I: 01 hour
    • Course II: 01 hour
    • Course III: 01 hour
    • Course IV: 01 hour
    • Course V: 02 hours
    • Course VI: 01 hour
  • Questions paper pattern:
    • Course I: 2 Essay Questions (10 marks each) + 30 MCQs (1 mark each)
    • Course II: 2 Essay Questions (10 marks each) + 30 MCQs (1 mark each)
    • Course III: 2 Essay Questions (10 marks each) + 30 MCQs (1 mark each)
    • Course IV: 2 Essay Questions (10 marks each) + 30 MCQs (1 mark each)
    • Course V:
      • Practical Demonstration of any 2 exercises (25 marks each)
      • Practical TEACHING of any 2 exercises (25 marks each)
      • VIVA VOCE at end of examination (25 marks)
      • Home Assignments (25 marks)
    • Course VI: 2 Essay Questions (10 marks each) + 30 MCQs (1 mark each)

The students failed in the examination shall have to reappear for the next examination (within 2 years) including theory and practical by paying examination fees.

Total number of Learning hours

TOTAL duration of Blended CCIPT – Modules A, B and C: 380 hours.

  • Module A: Pilates on Mat: 155 hours
  • Module B: Pilates on Ball: 100 hours
  • Module C: Pilates on Reformer: 200 hours

Assessment & Certifications

Assessment Grades printed on Modules certificates:

As percentage (%) of total marks obtained out of maximum 600 marks –

  • Below 49.99% – Grade D (FAIL)
  • 50 – 54.99 – Grade C
  • 55 – 59.99 – Grade B
  • 60 – 69.99 – Grade A
  • 70 – 100 – Grade O (Outstanding)

The certificate/s will be awarded with the Grade C, B, A or O mentioned therein.

Course Announcements / Notice Board

Pilates on Mat TTC starting September 18 – watch out for timetable! We will start with online sessions first.

Pilates on Ball TTC “in-person” course in BPCACPE, Wadala, Mumbai on Sept 4 & 5! Watch out for timetable!


CCIPT Can Can Video

Course Syllabus

CCIPT – Course Syllabus
The Certificate Course for Integrated Pilates Teachers is conducted by Gayo Fitness Academy. It is now jointly conducted with the BPCA’s College of Physical Education (NAAC Grade “A”) which is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Europe Active EREPS has accredited CCIPT as Level 4 Personal Trainer.
Because it is a VOCATION or professional course, it is designed to help students establish a business or practice in Pilates Training as quickly as is possible. The course duration is as follows:  Module 1A: Pilates on Mat – Pilates on Mat link  Module 1B: Pilates on Ball – Pilates on Ball link  Module 1C: Pilates on Reformer – Pilates on Reformer link Due to COVID-19 situation, the courses (modules) will be conducted as a BLENDED course – that is: - Online WEBINARS supported by video content - Guided Home Study & Practice - Home Assignments - In-Person Education & Training as and when COVID-19 situation permits.
This is the only course which offers students a “menu” to choose from. Students can choose the optional certification and fees according to his / her priority. We strongly suggest the students to seek the NSQF Level 4 certificate. Click Skills India / NSQF The fee structure is as follows: - Module A: Pilates on Mat: ₹25,000 - Module B: Pilates on Ball: ₹15,000 - Module C: Pilates on Reformer: ₹30,000 Add 18% GST Optional: [ ] NSQF LEVEL 4 CERT (SKILLS INDIA - SPEFL-SC) ₹4,000 Mandatory for overseas employment; OPTIONAL but ADVISABLE for Domestic Indian market. Student name is registered in Govt of India’s National Skills Register. Mandatory for EREPs Level 4. [ ] EREPS Level 4: ₹5,000 This certificate will be emailed to EREPS directly to student. NSQF Level 4 / RPL is mandatory pre-requirement. Visit CCIPT Course link and check Pilates on Mat, Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer OVERVIEWS for: - Certification & Accreditations Structure - Fee Structure - Terms and Conditions:
Gāyo’s Certificate Course for Integrated Pilates Teachers is India’s first and oldest formally structured Pilates Teacher Training program. In 2009, Gāyo introduced Pilates Institute of America’s (PIA) Pilates Teacher training programs. Ms Frances Owens, co-founder of PIA’s co-founder, who now runs Pilates Training Camps in USA trained and certified our Master Trainers. Ms Owens has worked with Lolita San Miguel, the only living Pilates Teacher to be trained by the legendary Joseph Pilates himself. The course is ow offered as an extension of the CERTIFICATE COURSE FOR PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINERS (CCPFT) approved and certificated by the University of Mumbai which is accredited in Grade A-5 Stars by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC), Government of India. This is the highest accreditation grade for any Indian University. Under the approval of Mumbai University, we conduct the course in partnership with BPCA’s College of Physical Education which is permanently affiliated to the University and is itself accredited with Grade A by NAAC. India does not have a national Fitness Industry or Association which can establish standards of fitness education and training, code of practice, etc. (like the Indian Medical Association, for example). We thus believe that aligning with one of the best, nationally respected Universities is the only way to establish best practices in fitness education and training on basis of the highest academic standards in India. By virtue of the University recognition through CCPFT, CCIPT is accepted across India in both private and government sectors.
CCIPT is internationally accredited by European Union’s Europe Active EREPS Level 4. This course is accepted in over 40 countries. It officially supports the self-study courses of International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), USA, which are accepted in over 90 countries. The dual purposes of these new accreditations are: - Improve GFA’s academic standards - Enable students wanting to work abroad with best possible education and training on par with world standards
CCIPT is conducted in almost all major cities of India. Visit events for latest update of events.
Visit CCIPT Course link and check Pilates on Mat, Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer OVERVIEWS for course syllabus. Students who are trained and certified at the end of the course are ready to launch their world class careers with confidence and security.
Visit CCIPT Course link and check Pilates on Mat, Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer OVERVIEWS for: - Certification & Accreditations Structure - Fee Structure - Terms and Conditions: Certifications: Upon successful completion of each Pilates Module, student will be awarded Gāyo Fitness Academy certification for that particular Module as follows: - Pilates on Mat Teacher - Pilates on Ball Teacher - Pilates on Reformer Successful completion of above 3 modules will lead to automatic grant of – - Gāyo Fitness Academy Integrated Pilates Teacher Certificate - EREPS Level 4 Pilates Trainer (renewable every year) click on EREPS FAQ subject to extra fee and examination for below mentioned:  National Skills Qualification (NSQF) Level 4 – Click NSQF o Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even if you plan to work in India o MANDATORY if you plan to work abroad for which purpose you will seek certification/s from the following
The Gāyo CCIPT / Pilates on Mat / Pilates on Ball / Pilates on Reformer certificates are NOT renewable.
Though the Pilates certificates are NOT renewable – there is no expiry date – the certificate holder, it is RECOMMENDED, must attend at least 30 hours of additional training every three years after issue date of certificate. The training programs attended in order to continue education or progress your career may be in bodybuilding, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, management, accounting, safety or any other subject which will help you update professional knowledge. If a student as completed Pilates on Mat, the other modules – Pilates on Ball and Pilates on Reformer – will be considered as CEUs / CPDs. NSQF Level 4, EREPS and other accreditation certifications, as applicable, will need to be renewed as per their rules. The objective of Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is encourage certificate holders to regularly add their professional knowledge and training skill sets. This will sharpen their competitive edge in the marketplace. Learn something new related to Fitness and deliver it to your clients!
Yes, you can! The CCIPT is a MODULAR program. You can pay and enroll according to your time and money budget. You may want to enroll to part of the course in the following sequence but then the fees will be different – - Only Module 1A – Pilates on Mat - Only Module 1B – Pilates on Ball - Only Module 1C – Pilates on Reformer Visit CCIPT enrolment form link for: - Certification & Accreditations Structure - Fee Structure - Terms and Conditions:
Once you enroll to the course, you are member of our FAMILY of GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY. We will guide you – free of cost – in: - Academic studies - Client training - Business development - Legal issues Additionally, you become automatically, full Member of our alumni association – the Association of Fitness and Strength & Conditioning Professionals in India – click here AFSCONpro – and earn lots of privileges!
BPCACPE is the only college in Mumbai to have its own stadium and training facilities! It is one of the top Physical Education Colleges in India. It is permanently affiliated to the University and is accredited with Grade A by NAAC. http://www.bpcacpemumbai.org/ BPCACPE and our Academy together offer the CCIPT and the Certificate Course in Fitness Center Management. Both these are vocation courses approved and certified by University of Mumbai.
The University of Mumbai offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral courses, as well as diplomas and vocation certificates in many disciplines. The University of Mumbai is one of the largest universities in the world. It currently has over 700 affiliated colleges. Accredited by NAAC in A***** Grade, it is one of the three oldest universities in the country.
EREPS is Europe Active Register of Exercise Professionals set up by Europe Active under the auspices of European Union in Brussels, Belgium. http://www.ereps.eu/ EREPS has over 30 countries as members – including Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, UAE and UK. 1) EREPS is the world's largest REPS system. It covers all 30 countries in the European Union - including France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, etc. Your personal trainer certificate is valid for jobs in these countries subject to language skills, immigration laws, employment opportunities, etc) 2) Your name and contact details will be listed as Level 4 personal trainer on the EREPS website in Brussels, Belgium. You will receive Level 4 certification directly from EREPS, Brussels. 3) EREPS and Mumbai University certificates mean - a) You have been delivered professional knowledge more than sufficient for successful career anywhere in the world b) You have been given knowledge in classroom / actual training c) Your knowledge has been examined according to highest standards of Mumbai University and EREPS d) Your certificates show that you are ready to work as world class personal trainer e) Your certification comes from Government of India's NAAC A-5 Star accredited Mumbai University on basis of knowledge delivered by Gayo Fitness Academy and BPCACPE accredited in "A" Grade by NAAC.

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