Dilip Heblé outlines the benefits of First Aid and CPR which we in India, for a long time, did not value. In recent years, though, ith the Indian Government publicizing First Aid and even making it legally safer and easier for the persons rendering FA, this aspect of safety has been gathering momentum in India.

Dilip Heble first learnt FACPR way back in the late 1960s as part of his NCC training. His first serious rendering of FACPR was in November 1980 in Nagpur while on duty as an IPS officer. Since then, he has had the opportunity to render FACPR on many occasions.

In 2009, he was trained and certified as American Heart Association’s Heartsaver and BLS Indtructor in Houston. In 2015, he switched over to teaching First Aid International (UK) courses in Emergency First Aid and CPR with AED and Sports Injuries First Aid modules until 2021 when FAI (UK) closed down. Since then, he is teaching FACPR courses that are based on the standards of FAI (UK). Since 2009, he had trained and certified over 1,000 FACPR responders across India.

He strongly believes that FACPR makes us a safer and more positive citizen and member of the community.

What does First Aid mean in the first place? According to Merriam Webster, First Aid is “emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained”.

To be really effective, First Aid ought to be administered within 10 minutes of the onset of the incident, especially in the case of heart attacks.


A First Aid – CPR (FACPR) certificate is popularly seen as a mandatory, pre-requirement to professional training and certifications in Fitness and other service sectors like Security, airlines, hospitality, etc.


However, FACPR training offers many benefits. Whether you have been nominated to attend a workplace course or you are simply keen in improving your set of life skills, FACPR learning has many applications in daily life.


  1. Saves lives

Yes! FACPR saves lives. In the hustle and bustle of daily life at work or at home, we take it for granted that accidents only happen to other people. However, the reality is that accidents and emergencies can happen to anybody, anywhere and any time.

FACPR training can make all the significant difference in a life-and-death situation. If you find yourself in the middle of an accident or a person around you faces a medical emergency, you need to be equipped with the skill sets to manage the incident.


FACPR surveys show that a shocking 60% of accidental deaths would have been preventable if the correct FA had been rendered before the emergency services (ambulance and trained FACPR personnel) had arrived.


  1. Prevents deterioration

The adverse impact of an accident can be long-term. Appropriate FA administration can help prevent deterioration of the medical and physical condition of the victim. Knowing how and when not to move the victim or how to, as quickly as possible, help lessen the pain without making burn injuries worse, for example, is critical knowledge for the person on the spot at the scene of the incident. Moving a victim with a back injury or covering a burn with the wrong material risks aggravation of the injuries. Stopping or even significantly reducing bleeding will prevent the victim from slipping into hypovolemic shock. The list of real-life examples is endless!


  1. Expedites recovery

As well as preventing further medical deterioration, appropriately administered FA can reduce the general recovery time. Treating wounds promptly quickens the healing process and lowers infection risks. Generally, the victim can be maintained in a safe environment until the emergency services arrive.

  1. Enhances comfort

FA training will arm you with the skill sets to extend the best possible comfort to a victim while waiting for expert medical help. By assessing the victim’s condition and placing him / her in the recovery position, you lower the risk of choking from his / her own body fluids, for instance. Knowing if it is safe and pain-free to move the victim away from the source of pain or administer pain relief is a critical element of FA training.

  1. Increases confidence

If you know that you and your colleagues in the gym or sports field or for that matter neighbors in your community or family members have all had the necessary FA training, it will increase the confidence of your work and living places. It is good to know that you work and live in a safer place. Health and safety must be an important consideration when choosing your place of work and exercise. Knowing FA training is available is important for creating a safer, happier work environment.


  1. Increases awareness of risks

At the end of your FA training course, you will find you become more aware of any potential risks in your environment. FACPR knowledge will actually help you prevent accidents! Have you see the way dumbbells are strewn on the gym floor? A fitness trainer with FACPR training will certainly encourage his clients to rack the weights after use.


A trained FACPR responder or the first aid giver will NOT render FA unless and until the scene of the incident is safe for him or her to start FA! For instance, a client while running on treadmill gets an electric shock – obviously due to faulty wiring or earthing. An FACPR trained fitness professional will first attempt to switch of the power supply to the treadmill before attempting to help the victim. Common sense, as they say, can be uncommon but FACPR will help!


  1. Promotes teamwork

In effect, FACPR helps develop esprit de corps – “a feeling of loyalty and pride that is shared by the members of a group who consider themselves to be different from other people in some special way” – in this case, coming together to help a person in distress. (I have used the definition from Collins Dictionary.)


In an emergency, it is very comforting to know you are part of a team who will all work together for the rescue and safety of the victim.


While one responder gets the FA kit, the other starts with the assessment of the scene (safety) and the victim. In a dire situation where cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) has to be given, two responders can work together: while one does the chest compressions, the other gives rescue breaths – all this in a well drilled procedure.


In work places including gyms that are known for their safety practices, the FACPR team for each working day or “shift” is nominated well in advance. Not only that, the two or three nominated persons wear a band on their arms or may be even a flag is posted over their workstations so that all the people in the premises know who to turn to in the event of an emergency.


No doubt, FA training promotes this sense of teamwork, helping you and your colleagues work together to find the best solutions to challenging situations.


  1. Vital in emergencies

Let us not fool ourselves: FIRST AID IS ESSENTIAL. When in an emergency, you really do not want to feel helpless and defenseless. Not only could FA make all the difference between life and death but also give solace and comfort to someone you care about. It will enable you to be in control of an emergent situation and able to do what is required to be done.


  1. Lowers anxiety

Knowing you are armed with FACPR skill sets can really help reduce any anxiety you are feeling. It is empowering and reassuring to know that you are equal to the challenges you may face in the workplace. Perhaps, as a fitness trainer, you are uncertain about some new weight training machines in your workplace or feel nervous about training a person with a history of coronary heart disease.


Equipping yourself with the suitable knowledge is a sure way to overcome these fears and ensure you are doing everything you can to stay safe and protected.


  1. Enhances safety

FA, though just one element of the of health and safety and processes, enhances the overall safety of your working, sports and training environment.


From heart attacks and strokes to falls, accidents and emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere. Be sure you are able to meet the emergent challenges of any situation by regularly refreshing and updating FA training.



Since 2009, we at GĀYO Fitness Academy have been providing practical and comprehensive FACPR and AED training courses across India.


We deliver first aid training of the highest quality. It is vitally important to share FA knowledge as widely as possible. Whether you a fitness or sports professional or an office goer or a housewife t aid – or, it has been some time since your initial training, we can provide the course you need to feel sure and confident in your FA skills.


Do call us – we will be happy to spread the message of First Aid and Safety!