Senior Faculty for Yoga Sciences

Training Experience
About Vrinda Thakker

Vrinda’s’ professional credentials include –

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Yoga Sciences from the University of Nagpur
  • Gayo Fitness Academy’s Master Trainer programs in “Kridasan Sports Yoga” and Functional Range of Motion
  • Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA, USA)
  • Certificate Course for Personal Fitness Trainer (University of Mumbai)
  • Master’s Degree in Commerce
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

Vrinda has taught Yoga since the year 2001. Her skill sets in personal training give her the advantage of teaching Yoga to fitness professionals that enables them to dovetail Yoga into their client’s exercise macrocycles and mesocycles.

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Hon. / Guest Faculty – Exercise Physiology, Exercise & Sports Kinesiology & Bio-mechanics, Pilates and Exercise Sciences.
    Hon. / Guest Faculty – Sports Yoga, Stretching for Flexibility
      Senior Faculty & National Master Trainer – Exercise Sciences