University of Mumbai - CPFT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCPFT / Mumbai University Course for Personal Fitness Trainers?

It is a class room course (where training is provided). It has 10 days of practical training and 8-9 days of Theory lectures. The full syllabus is approved by University of Mumbai. The certificate also comes from the University. The University reference number is CCPFT# 1370 under the category of Vocational Courses.

This is the only personal trainer course in India which is from a senior, leading Indian University.

Who conducts the CCPFT?

Gāyo Fitness Academy and BPCA College of Physical Education which is permanently affiliated to University of Mumbai and accredited by NAAC in Grade ``A``.

Gāyo has been representing ISSA and teaching their courses since 1999. Gāyo now has 20 courses and workshops including Pilates. In fact this is why University selected Gāyo as the partner.

Is it nationally recognized?

Yes. This is because the University of Mumbai has the legal right to conduct vocation courses across India. We are conducting the course across India - from Guwahati to Mumbai and from Jammu to Trivandrum. Because it is a Mumbai University course, it is accepted by government departments for employment - e.g. army, police etc. It is also accepted by government employment exchanges.

Is it internationally recognized?

Yes! the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) USA has approved the full CCPFT and also the individual modules / workshops as CEUs for ISSA renewal. The Module 1 (Theory + practical 3-day workshop in Advanced Strength Training) officially supports ALL 8 ISSA self study courses. The ISSA students who attend the Module 1 get a special seal on their ISSA certificates.

Many of our CCPFT students are already working abroad - in Middle East.

Because it is classroom course from a University, it is easy to get provisional REPS Level 3 approval in UAE.

What is the course content?

There are 3 Modules in the CCPFT:
Module 1: (this module fee Rs. 20,000)
Theory: Theory & Practice of Fitness, Theory & Practice of Strength, Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Kinesiology and Biomechanics, Weight Training and Muscle Mechanics, Fitness for Special Populations, Diet & Sports Nutrition, Fitness Assessment & Exercise Periodization, etc
Practical: Advanced Strength Training

The fee includes ppt Notes in English & all major Indian languages, Module 1 certificate and AST certificate with DVD having 400 exercises.

Module 2: (this module fee Rs. 22,500)
Advanced Strength Training workshop of 3 days + 1-day workshops in Functional Strength Training, Functional Range of Motion (strength through flexibility), Plyometrics for Agility & Power, Fitness Assessment and 1/2 day workshops in Sports Yoga and Exercise & Fitness Psychology.

The fee includes manuals and certificates for individual workshops. In all, 8 DVDs with about 1,000 exercises will be given to students. 🙂

Module 3: (this module fee Rs. 4,500)
FAI (UK) First Aid & CPR with AED course.

Fee includes FAI textbook + certificate and card.

What is the fee?

The fee break up is given below

- ONLY Module 1 (theory + AST): Rs. 20,000
- ONLY AST Workshop - 3 days: Rs. 7,500

- ONLY Module 2 (all practical training workshops including AST): Rs. 22,500
- Any single 1-day workshop: Rs. 4,500
- Any single ½ day workshop: Rs. 3,000

- ONLY FAI UK first aid course: Rs. 4,500

Full CCPFT Fee:
Modules 1 + 2 + 3 = Fee Rs. 43,500 + 18% GST. But the CCPFT student who is enrolling to full course will pay only Rs. 35,000 - that is: student gets discount of Rs. 8,500.

Note: for mode of payment, please call +91 22 49240498

What is the difference between ISSA and CCPFT?

These are the differences:

ISSA is a self study course student has to study from home and write the exam from home. The ISSA fee does not include any classes. ISSA is a college recognized by USA Government. ISSA course content has limited practical training.

CCPFT is a classroom course with huge amount of practical training.

Please remember: ISSA approves the CCPFT for supporting studies and also for renewals. ISSA and I are already discussing how to jointly conduct the Associate Degree course in India. (In India the Associate Degree is called University Diploma)

Which course should I do - ISSA or CCPFT?

If you want a solid practical training foundation with nationally and internationally recognized certification, then do the CCPFT. You can do any of the ISSA specialist courses same time or after completing the CCPFT. ISSA has 8 specialist courses.

About 90% of ISSA students do Modules 1 and 3 with us. About 80% of the ISSA students also do the Module 2.

How do I know the course is officially from University?

Each student gets a unique University student number. The course number is 1370. The student - or his / her employer can write to the College of Physical Education for verification!

How will CCPFT help me?

CCPFT teaches you 16 types of fitness. Bodybuilding is one of the 16 just as marathon running is another of the 16.

The course also teaches you 8 different types of training through the 8 different practical training workshops.

Now at the end of the CCPFT you will have good theory and practical knowledge. But how will you deliver it to the client. Our Exercise Psychology workshop will help you effectively communicate with and motivate the clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ISSA best suited for me?

- ISSA is the first Fitness & Exercise Sciences COLLEGE in USA, nationally accredited by Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC) / USA Government
- ISSA is a college from where you can even an Associate Degree in Exercise Sciences!
- ISSA’s advanced courses are practical, easy to understand
- Fee includes original ISSA textbook – no photocopies are given to students
- Over 2,00,000 ISSA professionals across the world (compared to 20,000 ACSM trainers)
- ISSA is recognized in over 91 countries including India, Mid East
- In India
o ISSA students get one-time discounted First Aid & CPR-AED training and certificate from UK
o Discounts and EMI facility are available for all ISSA and Gāyo courses
o ISSA fees and CCPFT fees and course content are same across India!

Why must I attend the GĀYO – BPCA CCPFT of Mumbai University?

- CCPFT is India’s FIRST Personal Trainer certification by a leading Indian University!
- It is jointly conducted by BPCA’s College of Physical Education, MUMBAI UNIVERSITY and our GĀYO FITNESS ACADEMY
- CCPFT is OPTIONAL for ISSA students But, over 80% of ISSA students attend it because of the following reasons –
- CCPFT is officially approved by ISSA
o It supports all 8 ISSA courses
o It teaches you 16 fitness types and how to achieve them by using 8 training methods
- Apart from Module 1 (Theory & Practical Strength Training), CCPFT includes Module 2: practical training in Strength Training, Pilates, Functional Strength Training, Plyometrics, Fitness & Exercise Psychology, Sports Yoga, Water Fitness & Conditioning, etc
- Theory Notes in ENGLISH with translation in all major Indian language provided to all CCPFT students
- Helps develop teaching & communication skills
- Offers you income development strategies – 90% of our students are self-employed
- Free professional guidance – after enrolment

Who can attend like specialist GĀYO courses like Pilates, FST Functional Strength Training, Plyometrics, “Ira” Water Fitness, “Kridaasan” Sports Yoga, etc?

- ISSA trainers can attend these courses to earn CEUs for purpose of renewing their certificates
- Our Mumbai University CCPFT students can attend the Level 2 Specialist courses
- All other fitness trainers, sports coaches, physiotherapists etc

Will I get free guidance in my studies and business / income development?

- ISSA and / or Gāyo provide guidance to all our students. In our case, the relationship with the student starts when he or she enrols to our courses!
- Even after certification, we will help you train clients with difficult medical conditions or guide you how to market your professional services.
- We also help students get jobs in India or in foreign countries or set up self-employment opportunities in India.
- Whether you have enrolled to an ISSA course or a short Gāyo course with us, our guidance and help to you is free of cost!

What is the difference between ISSA and ACE, ACSM, etc?

- ISSA’s (a) organization, (b) academic curriculum and (c) examination system are accredited by DEAC / CHEA - USA Government. In ACE and ACSM, only examinations are accredited by NCCA, a private body not recognized by USA government.
- Your ISSA certificate is recognized in 91 countries.
- ISSA exams are written on basis of ISSA text books; ACE / ACSM exams can be written by reading any text book. It is not compulsory to buy their textbooks. Many ACE / ACSM students receive unauthorized photocopies of text books.
- ISSA courses are supported by Gāyo’s ISSA-approved CCPFT (Mumbai University). ISSA students who attend CCPFT get special seal on their ISSA certificate. Syllabus of local Indian tuition classes for ACE / ACSM are not approved buy their head office in USA.
- ISSA courses are practical, easy to understand. ACE, ACSM have more theory content.
- ISSA and Gāyo provide free professional guidance after enrolment. ACE and ACSM do not provide such service.
- Please compare the ISSA course and Gāyo CCPFT fees with the fees officially charged by ACE and ACSM in India
- Across the word, ISSA has certified over 2,00,000 students while ACSM has trained about 20,000.