Course sections

Course Syllabus

KRI – Course Syllabus

SECTION I: Introduction to Kridasandasan

  1. Benefits of Kridasandasan
  2. Physiology of Kridasan
  3. Role of Kridasandasan in Fitness and Conditioning


SECTION II: Yogasanas

  1. Demonstration and practice of 40 Yogasanas
  2. Demonstration and practice of breathing techniques


SECTION III: Application of Kridasan techniques

  1. Yogasanas for
    1. Ankles and feet
    2. Knees and hips
    3. Pelvic Stability and Mobility
    4. Back
    5. Shoulders and neck
    6. Arms
  2. Permutation & combination of Yogasanas for different sports disciplines



65 Yogasanas videos