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Course Syllabus

FROM – Course Syllabus

SECTION I: Definition of Flexibility – Functional Range of Motion

  1. Degree of Freedom
  2. Difference between Flexibility and Stretching
  3. Structural Limitations


SECTION II: Benefits of Functional Range of Motion

  1. Requirements of General Fitness
  2. Requirements of Sports


SECTION III: Physiology of Stretching

  1. Structure of Muscle
  2. Neuromuscular System and Functional Range of Motion
  3. Components of Joint Flexibility
  4. Factors of Flexibility


SECTION IV: Stretching Techniques

  1. Flexibility Testing
  2. Stretching – Know the muscles, joints and movements
  3. Types of Stretching


SECTION V: FRoM for Sports

Stretching plans for different sports disciplines



250 stretches videos