Elite Trainer 1 (CFT + SET + SFN)


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International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), USA, offers fitness professionals the opportunity to earn the well-deserved certification title: ELITE 1. Enables the fitness pro to establish command over his / her practice in Personal Training, Medical Rehab thru Exercise and Fitness Nutrition.

Practical, easy to understand. Is very well supported by post-enrolment academic guidance and mentoring by both ISSA and Gāyo Fitness Academy, at no additional cost.


Course Content comprises the syllabus of the following three ISSA courses –

The Elite Trainer 1 certification will be awarded on successful completion of the above three courses within the stipulated time of four months.

Course Duration

Both the Course Quiz (preliminary) and the Home Study Final Examinations must be submitted to ISSA within FOUR months from the date of enrolment / date of receipt of study materials whichever is later. Student will study from home and write the examinations from home. Exams may be submitted online through http://www.issatrainer.com or offline through typed / hand-written answer sheets.

Learning Resources

ISSA provides original text books / study materials. Cost of material is included in the fee.

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