Certified Fitness Trainer – CFT


NOTE: Additional charges will be levied for language translation, shipping, etc.  Fee may change without prior notice due to FOREX fluctuations, statutory tax changes, etc, Check fee prior to enrolment.

Flagship course from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), USA. One of the top 5 personal trainer courses in the world. Practical, easy to understand. Is very well supported by post-enrolment academic guidance and mentoring by both ISSA and Gāyo Fitness Academy, at no additional cost.

  • Unit 1: Metabolism
  • Unit 2: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit 3: Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit 4: Kinesiology of Exercise
  • Unit 5: Biomechanics of Exercise
  • Unit 6: Musculoskeletal Deviations
  • Unit 7: Muscle Mechanics
  • Unit 8: Strength
  • Unit 9: Cardiovascular Training
  • Unit 10: Flexibility Training
  • Unit 11: Body Composition
  • Unit 12: Drawing-In Phase
  • Unit 13: Basic Assessment of Fitness Participants
  • Unit 14: Training Principles
  • Unit 15: Periodization
  • Unit 16: Determining Training Loads
  • Unit 17: The Big Picture of Nutrition
  • Unit 18: Nutrition and Physiology
  • Unit 19: Nutritional Science
  • Unit 20: Nutritional Coaching
  • Unit 21: Exercise and Older Adults
  • Unit 22: Exercise and Adaptive Fitness
  • Unit 23: Exercise and Our Youth
  • Unit 24: Exercise and Hypertension
  • Unit 25: Exercise and Diabetes
  • Unit 26: Exercise and Arthritis
  • Unit 27: Exercise and Coronary Heart Disease
  • Unit 28: Exercise and Pregnancy
  • Unit 29: Exercise and Asthma
  • Unit 30: Sports Medicine in the Trenches
  • Unit 31: Basic First Aid
Course Duration

Both the Course Quiz (preliminary) and the Home Study Final Examinations must be submitted to ISSA within FOUR months from the date of enrolment / date of receipt of study materials whichever is later. Student will study from home and write the examinations from home. Exams may be submitted online through http://www.issatrainer.com or offline through typed / hand-written answer sheets.

Learning Resources

– ISSA provides original text book / study material. Cost of material is included in the fee.

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